what is the difference between server motherboard and workstation motherboard and the normal desktop motherboa?

what is the difference between server motherboard and workstation motherboard and the normal desktop motherboard ?

I am looking the one that can have more processiong power whether i have to attach 2 or moreprocessor on same motherboard ???

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  • Adam
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    9 years ago
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    Aside from workstation and server boards likely being of a higher quality and designed to run 24/7, it is just features. Such as more CPU sockets, number and types of expansion slots, number of memory slots, hardware management features etc.

    Go take a look at a site like supermicro or tyan and you can easily see differences between boards.

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  • Cheryl
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    4 years ago

    About 200-300 bucks. Actually the difference is different chip. Most server motherboards use a XEON with is not used in desktop. Also they can support way more ram also. The price for it is about 2x or 3x a typical motherboard.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    AMD and Intel are two companies that produce products that do the same thing. There are differences in size, connectors, and performance; but in the end an AMD computer can do the same as an Intel computer.

    Programs are a list of instructions. When a program runs, it tells the Processor the list of instructions it needs done, and the processor does it. Intel created a chip with a set of instructions that programs could call, these original instructions are all that is needed for any software to run.

    Some years later AMD came out with a chip that could run the same instructions, using the same instruction calls. This makes the two chips compatable, which means both chips will run the same software. (Mac on the otherhand started with a different chip that was not compatable, and needed completely different software.)

    As time goes on, newer chips have more instructions and run things faster, but they are still backwards compatable and have the original instruction calls.

    Which is better for laptop? Depends on what you will use laptop for, and how much you will spend.

    AMD chips are typically cheaper, and until recently, had better power consumption then Intel chips.

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