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Can two brown haired parents have a blonde child?

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    Yes, If both parents have a recessive gene for blonde hair. Most likely, the child would have to have one blonde grandparent on either side so each parent carries a blonde gene, but recessive genes can "hide" (be passed down but not expressed because a more dominant gene is present also) for several generations. That's most noticeable when it happens with redheads, a redheaded kid will suddenly pop up in a family where no one know of any red haired relatives, but it happens with blondes too. The child must receive a blonde gene from each parent. Also, it's relatively common for a child of brunette parents to have blonde or very light brown hair as an infant and toddler that gets darker as they get older.

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    YES! Even if no one you know in your family, even grandparents, have blonde hair.

    You both have to have a blonde recessive gene, also, however... even if you don't know of anyone in your family with blonde hair it is possible you still havethe recessiveblonde gene and it just never showed in anyone because it's so much more likely to have a brunette.

    I don't know if you know anything about punnet squaresbut this is the best way i can say it.

    if you and your spouseboth carry a Dominant brunette gene, and a recessive blonde gene then these are your odds in the easiest way i can explain it, according to punnet squares with are pretty accurate.

    So your odds are:

    there is a 75% that your children are DEFINATELY going to be brunette, while the you have 25 % chance that your child will have a 50/50 shot at being blonde or brown haired.

    For Ex. If you have 4 kids, 3 of them will be brunettes. 1 child will have a 50/50 chance of being either blonde or brunette.

    yea, i don't know if that explanation makes any sense....

    You also have to think about babies with hair that lacks pigment. My father has Brown hair, but he had blonde hair as a child because his hair lacked color pigment. Usually thesse kids of kidswill be blonde inchildhood but grow to be brunettes.

    You also should know that even if a kid is born blonde, there hair color will likely darken as they get older, or lighter in rare cases.

    I was born with brown hair, and my little sister was too. But after about 1 1/2 years, my hair turned WHITE BLONDE, and has since darkened back up a bit.

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    Blonde hair is a recessive gene, which means it only shows up if the child gets it from both parents. If it only gets the gene from one parent, the child will have brown hair. (That's the simple version of things, anyway.) What this means is that a family of all brown-haired people can have a blonde gene "lurking" in their DNA for many generations that just doesn't happen to ever get paired with another blonde gene. In your case, a blonde gene lurking on your side finally paired up with a blonde lurking on your partner's side. (Incidentally, genetics can be weird. My mom has brown hair, my dad blond. All five of their children are blond. What are the odds of this? Tiny. But here we are.)

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    Yes, it's more likely for the parents to have a brunette haired child but it is possible to have a blonde haired child if both of the parents have the blonde recessive gene.

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    Blonde Kids

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    Yes. The blonde hair gene is a recessive trait, while brown is dominant. If both parents are heterozygous for the trait (aka, have the dominant and recessive traits), it's possible their child could inherit the blonde gene from both, therefore having blonde hair.

    Look at the child's ancestors - the more blondes in his family history, especially in close forebears (aka, grandparents, uncles/aunts) and siblings, the more likely he may inherit the trait.

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    It is extremely possible for this to occur. If you have ever investigated the concept of Punnett Squares you can evaluate the various possibilities that can arise when certain dominant and recessive genes are introduced. Somewhere in the genetic history of the parents the blonde gene was present. It happens much more frequently than you might think. Hope this helps.

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    Yes, they can.

    It can come from the child's grandparents as well.

    My mother had blonde hair and my father had brown hair. Well, my grandmother had red hair, so when I was born, I got my hair color from my grandmother. I came out to be a redhead. :]

    It can bapoen. :]

    Source(s): Im like that. :]
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    Yes. Blonde hair is a recessive gene- and that means both you and your husband have one dominant gene and one recessive gene when it comes to your hair color. So, when your genes combined, baby got the recessive gene from both of you and has blonde hair.

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    Yes, it's possible. My grandparents both have dark hair and my aunt came out with blond hair.

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