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does anyone have the poetry analysis for footprints in the sand?

i need to know the irony alliteration allusion simile/metaphor personification onomotaepia and refrain for the poem footprints in the sand by Mary Stevenson

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    footprints in the sand

    Footprints of a lone walker

    reflecting deep thoughts

    in the trail left behind.

    Thoughts, many as grains of sand

    Swirling around her feet

    The Ocean's lament, ongoing

    as the thoughts in her head.

    Look up and beyond, take note

    how wonderful the horizon out far

    Gulls taking to the air, circling

    the Ocean reflecting a sky of blue

    They are free and their spirits soar

    Do not look down and contemplate

    cast thoughts to the wind, be free

    A beautiful day, a gift from G-d

    Wind driven white horses appear

    the Ocean is saying “yes, look at me

    feel the movement, be alive ”

    Waves tenderly lapping the shore

    Against rocks they show their strength

    a shimmering spray of diamonds sent

    Footprints of a solitary walker

    Reflecting a slower pace

    Face turned to the Ocean, eyes seeing

    Yes, why dwell on the past, it's done and gone

    In life's book it is written. What will be will be

    Feel the wind, smell the air, hear the sounds

    Mans life will pass but the Ocean goes on

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    9 years ago

    no :( but I love the poem

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