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What Song To Use For Drama!?

GCSE Drama Stimulus Suicide.

I need a piece of Music that is good to show in a muted scene:

1. when it's the funeral and the main male is mourning his loved one.

2. monologue when the female lead is saying about how she cant deal with being bullied by a guy she likes.

any suggestions will do!

thanks in advance.


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    Hi Aimee, these are the songs you could use:

    ~Mad World by Gary Jules

    Youtube thumbnail

    or the instrumental version is good as well:

    Youtube thumbnail

    When I did Drama GCSE we used this song for a scene where the character was sat on a chair and then committed suicide by slitting both her wrists.The scene was done silently to create an impact so there was no talking, it showed the girl sitting on the chair, a tear rolling down her cheek and then slitting both her wrists. Obviously my friend who played the character was pretending to slit her wrists.Throughout the scene that song was played and after she done her other wrist the lights were turned of so no one could see and signalled that it was the end. The music played for a minute longer after the lights were off and then the music was turned of and the lights were on again.

    That's the song we used for our Drama piece and it worked well because the song is sad.

    You don't have to use it if you don't want to,it's just a suggestion. Maybe you could use it for the the monologue when the female lead is saying how she can't deal with being bullied by the guy she likes,maybe?

    Others i'll suggested are:

    ~May it be by Enya

    Youtube thumbnail

    maybe for the funeral when the main male is mourning his loved one.

    ~The sad song from the Lost soundtrack (I don't know what it called but it's from the TV show 'Lost')

    Youtube thumbnail

    &feature=related In my opinion it's epically sad and I love Lost! You could use it for the funeral?

    Hope my suggestions are ok x

    Source(s): Me and Drama experience when I was at school. ,
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    1. Signs~ Block Party

    Amen Omen~ Ben Harper

    Letters From the Sky~ Civil Twilight

    2. Jar of Hearts~ Christina Perri

    All i Need~ Within Temptation

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