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Which longboard wheels should I get?

I am getting the 40 inch pintail by original and there r different wheel choices which is best for sliding and carving

kryptonic 70mm 78a

retro freerides 72mm 80+83a

Abec 11 zigzags 70mm 86a

Orangatang stimulus 70mm 83a

Orangatang 4president 70mm 80+83a

Seismic hot spot 69mm 78+81a

Abec11 zigzags 80+83a 70mm

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    I personally prefer the Orangatang stimulus 70mm 83a wheels because they are great for sliding and they have enough hold so you don't slide out during carves. I am currently using them on my loaded tan tien and they are the best wheels I have use so far.

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