Is there a difference between a Regents Diploma and an Advance Regents Diploma?

My brother failed Geometry 2 with a 61 (on both his regents and class) and he's a junior in high school. Because of this, he will have to go to Summer School and retake the regents in August. However my brother does not wanna go to summer school and rather just repeat Geometry in his senior year. But he is supposed to be taking Algebra II/Trig. next year and if he doesnt take the Trig regents, he will only recieve a Regents Diploma instead of an advanced one. My question is does it look bad in applying for college that you repeat a course you have no future in whatsoever (he actually wants to study Geography and History in college)?? and is there a negative in recieving a Regents Diploma compared to an Advanced one??

3 Answers

  • If he failed geometry as a class, then he should just go to summer school and get it over with. If he passed geometry class but failed the geometry regents, then he can just retake it.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    progressed regents is 22.5 credit in intense college based on the instructions you handed. meaning, you may desire to bypass each and all of the regents with greater instructions. widespread is you handed each and all of the required instructions to make it by intense college and that's all. finding on whether or not you opt to pass to a school that demands sturdy grades, like UB, you will choose the progressed regents with a intense favourite. different than that a widespread degree is all you choose for college as long as you're making the grade. i'm at ECC to maintain money, I have been given my progressed degree, its not likely required here at ECC

  • 10 years ago

    Absolutely advance require basic first before do advance he need to pass his regent diploma.

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