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Okay to wear a white floral print dress to a wedding?

So I am going to a wedding with my boyfriend this summer. I found a dress that I am absolutely in love with but I'm not sure if there is too much white in it. I wouldn't normally be worried but I might be sitting at the head table because my boyfriend is a groomsman and apparently the bride and groom (his friends) said I could sit there. So would this dress be okay to wear:

Thanks :)


Thank you for the answers so far everyone. I just want to add a better description for anyone who can't see the link. The dress isn't solely white, it has blue flowers with black leaves as well as a black belt. I personally see the blue before I see the white base. I just wanted to know if anyone see's white before they see the blue and black.

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    Yes, the dress is very nice. I would bring something to wear on your shoulders for the church, although it may not be required it's a polite idea. Also, it's not too white.

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    oops, the link did not work for me. However, I will answer your question:

    It is NEVER good etiquette to wear white to a wedding. You see, when a guest scans the room for the lady in white (or cream) they are looking for the bride. If a guest is wearing that color, then their eyes stop looking and they realize that that woman in white is not the bride. All the while that woman in white is stealing attention from the bride. Not saying you are doing that, mind you, but that is exactly what the guests will think. So, refrain from wearing white and select another dress because this wedding is nothing about you. Sitting at the head table is also another BIG reason not to wear white.

    Find another dress.

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    That dress is absolutely fine for a guest to wear to a summer wedding. If the ceremony is in a church, I'd get a sweater or even a pretty wrap to cover your shoulders during the ceremony. Heck, I'd probably get a pretty blue wrap anyway, because I'm always cold. ;)

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    I can't open the link but I can tell you that if it's more than 50% white, don't wear it. Wear a colored pashmina or cardigan with it to add color and minimize the amount of white, and don't wear white shoes. Stand back from the dress when you're in the store and ask yourself if it strikes you as more white, or more black & blue.

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    I think that is very appropriate. There is not too much white so that you won't be taking attention away from the bride. However, I would pair it with a blue or black sweater.

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    Personally I don't think so

    I do see the white first for one

    Secondly I disagree with showing that much flesh your legs,your boobs and your legs out sitting so close to the bride I think its distracting Sorry

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    You can add another color through a jacket to off set all the white

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    Yes, that dress should be fine. Most churches these days wouldn't require your shoulders to be covered.

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    i think you'll be fine - there is nothing bridal about eye was drawn to the colour,not the base white

    here's the link for anyone wanting a look:

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    yes, nice. put on a sweater, bolero, or some type of top when you are in the church.

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