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尤其是 :1. 較為大碼的型號2. 布料的成分較為重3. 常用的物料,但新顏色4. 新的布料 可是,發覺往往事情都發生於布料在裁片之後,及已經調節妥當的縫衣機去準備投進生產線之前,使導致嚴重地影響預期的ABC 和 危及到成品到達期給予顧客的誠信。 像似美國的生產之前,都會有一定程序的布料加熱後的監控,使投入生產時更加流順。 此舉目的 : 能夠減低潛在的風險 及 所得的利益 1. 能夠及早發現不尋常的問題所在,使仍然可以保持布匹的完整性,來即時研究對策去解決,以避免布料裁片之後,沒更多的選擇角度去究研對策問題。

2. 順利按照計劃去投入生產,以避免在生產前浪費時間及資源去調較(縫衣機),及其他有關機件。

3. 能夠準時完成指定月份之定單內之所有尺碼,以避免重複再單一去生產 與 減低生產效率,及積壓定單量。

4. 製成品能準時到達在顧客的貨倉,以避免延誤而遭受到巨額的飛機運輸費用。

5. 貨品能夠用最低的運輸成本,而準時按計劃投放市場,以配合顧客所需要的要求,以避免損害在預期廣告內的品牌宣傳效果。

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    Recently we have received complaints from African countries that our fabrics could not conform with the quality standard after heating in the pre-production process. As a result our fabrics could not achieve the best stitching effect with other accessories in production.The problem exists most in the following categories of fabrics:1. Styles with relatively larger size2. Styles with relatively heavier weight3. Commonly used materials but in new colors4. Newly developed fabrics Unfortunately above problems always occurred after the fabrics have been cut and ready to be put into production with fully adjusted sewing machines. These occurrences would seriously affect the expected ABC and endanger credibility of customers on their final production schedule.In fact during the production processes such as those adopted by manufacturers in America , there will be standard procedures to monitor the quality of fabrics after heating so that a smooth production can be achieved.Objectives of these production processes are reduction of potential risks and achievement of optimal results: 1. Discovering and locating abnormal problems while still maintaining the full size of fabrics so that immediate measures can be taken to solve the problems. This can avoid relatively less choices to solve the problems after the fabrics are cut.2. Smoothly put into production according to production schedule and avoid time and resources to adjust sewing machines and other related mechanics.3. Enabling on time production of all sizes of orders within the specific monthly schedule to avoid repeated production of single size(s), reduction of productivity and accumulated production quantity.4. Final products can arrive customers’ warehouse on time to avoid huge expenses of air freight due to delay of production.

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    5. Transportation costs of goods can be reduced to the minimum and yet still be put into the market according to presumed schedule to meet with the needs of the customers

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    Supplementary answer for 002 (due to limit of words allowed in answer):

    and avoid losses of publicity effects of the pre-arranged period of advertisement.

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    We recently received some complaints from African countries, is on before production I fabric heating did not meet quality standards, and failed to achieve the best effect of suturing and other material part.In particular:1. relatively large code model2. composition of fabric is more3. common materials, new colors4. new clothHowever, that tends to be things that are happening in cloth after the pieces, and sewing machine already adjust properly to prepare before you put it into the production line so that cause serious effects on expected ABC and compromised until the product reaches the customer's good faith.Like the United States before the production of, there are certain procedures of fabric heating monitoring, more flow along into production.Purpose: to reduce the potential risks and benefits of1. early detection of unusual problems, that can still maintain the integrity of the fabric, to study on the countermeasures to solve in real time to avoid after the fabric pieces, select perspective and research countermeasures of no more problems.2. planned to go into production smoothly, before production so as to avoid wasting time and resources to fine-tune (sewing machine), and other related parts.3. to finish the order within the specified month of all sizes, in order to avoid duplication of a single production efficiency and reduce production, and the order backlog.4. manufactured goods can arrive in the warehouse of the customer, to avoid delays and was subjected to massive amounts of air transportation costs.5. the goods at the lowest cost of transportation, and on time as planned to market, to meet the requirements of customer needs, to avoid the damage within the expected advertising branding effects.

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