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綠卡更新 renew a green card



1. 我想我的綠卡是屬於 Conditional Perrnanent Residence,對嘛?

2. 如果是的話,綠卡更新我是不是要填表格 I-751(Petition to Remove the Conditions fo Residence)?

3. 除了表格 I-751,我還需要填表格 I-90(Application to Replace Permanent Resident Card)嘛? 還是只要填 I-751,就會給我10年期限的綠卡?

4. 申請 I-751, 是說在到期的90天前提出申請, 比90天前更早提出申請有關係嗎?

5. 甚麼是A-number? 只是綠卡號碼嘛? Certificate of Nationalization上面的號碼是不是也是A-number?

6. 我知道還要準備一些證明文件, 除了這些文件,還有我不知道但是規定需要填的表格嘛?


Thank you!

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    1. Yes

    2. Yes.

    3. No - I-751 only (with supporting document). To you, 10-year card will not be a matter (as you will be applying naturalization after you are approved for I-751).

    4. Yes - you can only apply 90 days before your card is expired.

    5. A# stands for Alien Registration Number. Similar to Social Security Number, it is a number that the U.S. Government assigned to qualified foreigners. It can be found at any official document from USCIS.

    6. I-751 is the only form you need.

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