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民國38年,中央銀行隨政府播遷來台,隨後於 民國50年7月1日 根據「中央銀行復業方案」在台北復業。復業初期,為了配合國家整體發展需要,中央銀行也負起類似於開發銀行的角色,並以行政方式管理分配有限的金融資源,以促進經濟發展。 迨至民國68年,中央銀行的發展邁入新紀元,依據11月8日 修正及公布的「中央銀行法」,中央銀行由總統府改隸行政院,經營目標明訂為促進 金融穩定、健全銀行業務、維護對內及對外幣值的穩定,並在上列的目標範圍內,協助經濟發展。隨著經濟快速成長,中央銀行所肩負的首要任務由原先的追求經濟 高度成長,轉變為維持物價與金融穩定,並積極參與金融體系的建制與改革。 中央銀行在台灣所扮演的角色就是穩定台灣的物價以及穩定金融市場,中央銀行在各國都是扮演著非常重要的角色,例如:日本最近的地震,嚴重影響了日本經濟,經濟動盪不安,中央銀行馬上跳出來穩定,一國的經濟穩定程度影響國家強弱,也影響了整個國家的安定程度,我覺得日本中央銀行很作法就是非常好的借鏡,如果今天換作是台灣,台灣有辦法馬上的做出決策並且加以穩定嗎?我想這些都是我們身為台灣人該思考的,畢竟一國家的中央銀行,在危急時刻所做出的決定可以說是關鍵的。


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    38, and moved to Taiwan with the Government of the Central Bank, followed on July 1, 50, according to "the resumption of programmes of the Central Bank" in Taipei to resume business. Resumption early in line with the development needs of the country as a whole, also take up of the Central Bank is similar to the role of development banks, and administratively manage the allocation of limited financial resources, to promote economic development. Wait till to 68, the Central Bank entered a new era of development, November 8, amendments and publication of "the Central Bank law", by the transfer of the Presidency of the Central Bank Council, operational objectives expressed for promoting financial stability, a sound bank, maintenance of internal and external stability of the currency, and within the objectives listed above, assist economic development. With the rapid economic growth, on the shoulders of the first tasks of the Central Bank from the pursuit of economic growth into maintaining price and financial stability, and was actively involved in the establishment and reform of the financial system.Central Bank in Taiwan by played of role is stability Taiwan of prices and stability financial markets, Central Bank in States are is played was very important of role, for example: Japan recently of earthquake, serious effect has Japan economic, economic unrest, Central Bank immediately jumped out to stability, a country of economic stability degree effect national strength, also effect has entire national of stability degree, I think Japan Central Bank is practices is very good of draw, if today for for is Taiwan, Taiwan has approach immediately of made decision and be stability did? I wanted to these are is we being Taiwan people the thinking of, after all a national of Central Bank, in critical moments by made of decided can said is key of.

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