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請幫忙翻譯:要寫給外國朋友的信 中翻英.




有封信 請各位幫幫忙~!!!
































永遠支持你的米娜 敬上



☆請不要到翻譯網站 那裡都亂翻

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  • 10 years ago
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    June 25, 2011

    Dear Chris,

    Hello! I'm Mina from the Taiwan that you have visited before.

    I am a girl who is younger than you by five years, and also am, to be clear, your fan.

    Although you may not know me, but here, everyone knows you.

    I love you.

    I can never be tired of the songs that you sing, neither can I be tired of that handsome face of yours.

    I am in love with every part of your being.

    Please stay happy with Nini, and become the most loving couple in the world!

    Love is difficult, and mutal love is even more so, so promise me here and now, that you'll have your own 'happily ever after'.

    Or I'll fly straight to America and hunt you down.

    Haha, just kidding!

    It was you who lead me out of grief and sorrow.

    After watching your movie, "Never Give Up", I would always think of you whenever something frustrating happens in life.

    Half of my strong will and determination was formed because of you.

    Thank you.

    If you weren't there, I wouldn't be able to smile so happily.

    Thank you.

    If you were gone, it would be like loosing the world to me. (或 You mean the world to me.)

    I love you.

    Love needs no reason, right?

    Have been pursuing you for more than a year now~ Will be continuing to do so~!!!

    Your forever supporter,



    不知道版主是寫給誰所以就照內容來判斷, 翻譯時用了比較親切, '朋友'感的用語.

    格式也大致上是英文信的格式, 可是因為這邊不能把字靠到一邊去, 所以寫的時候請注意日期要放在最上面的最右邊, 最後的敬上也要放到右邊.

    到是名子不知道翻的對不對 ˊˇˋ

    希望有幫助! :)

  • 10 years ago

    Dear Chris:

    Hi ,I'm Mina!

    I'm from Taiwan that you've been before.

    I'm younger than you for five years,to say clearly,I'm your fans.

    Though you don't recognize me,everyone knows you.

    I love you

    I'm not tired with listening to your melody;not tired with watching your handsome face.

    I love all the things about you.

    Remember to live happily with Nini,and become the most happiest couple in the world.

    Love isn't easy; to love each other is even harder.

    So,arrange with me here,you have to be happy!

    Otherwise,I'll fly to America and ask you right away!

    Haha I'm just kidding!~

    You helped me to walk out from pain

    After I watched your movie "Never Give Up",

    I always think of you when I run into reverse from now on.

    Half of my strong willpower is from you,thank you.

    I won't laugh that happy if there's no you,thank you.

    Without you equal losing the whole world.

    I love you,there's no reason to love a person,isn't it?

    Running after you for about a year~

    Keep going on!!~


    Mina,stand by you forever


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  • 10 years ago

    Dear Chris:

    Hello! I Mina

    Have you been to Taiwan from

    Old age is your sister a small

    Say that your fans understand that

    Although you do not know me

    But we all know you

    I love you

    Tired of hearing you sing the melody is not

    Do not see your handsome face tired

    Love you all

    I remember and am happy with Nini

    The whole world to become the happiest pair of Oh!

    Love is not easy, not easy to love more

    So, here, and I agreed, be happy!

    Otherwise ... I'll fly to the United States directly to ask you!

    Haha you fool your friends!

    You make me sad to come out from

    Watching your movie, "do not give up" after

    From setbacks, he will think of you

    Strong will power half of all because of you

    Thank you

    Without you, I would not smile so happy

    Thank you

    Without you there is no equivalent to the world

    I love you

    Love a person is no reason, right?

    Follow about a year you should continue to work hard ~ ~ Hello!!!

    Sincerely, Mina will always support you

    June 25, 2011

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