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What is a good pan/tilt head to use with a camera jib/crane?

I just received my pro am camera 4' jib crane, while ordering i did not realize that the jib did not have a tilt controle, but i really would like to ba abel to tilt the camera to focus on the subject while booming the jib. Do you guys have any sugestions for a good pan/tilt head to use with my jib?

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  • 9 years ago
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    No suggestion im afraid (sorry) but i wouldnt reccomend a pan/tilt head.... Or a ball joint head.

    If i was in your position i would buy a motorized pan tilt head (the type used to remote control cctv cameras) and install that on your jib instead... That way you can simultaniously control pan/tilt remotely whilst moving the jib arm..

    If you just buy a pan tilt head your never actually going to be able to move it whilst your operating the jib, thus if you dont want to buy a motorized one, then a ball joint head would suffice in your situation

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  • lare
    Lv 7
    9 years ago

    it sounds like your crane was designed for "set" shots. it gets an interesting static pov, but cannot move or follow action.

    you can't pan with this setup because the camera frame will not stay "level" with the horizon. this is true even with a remote pan/tilt. there are 3 axis of motion and with a common tripod, level or vertical plumb is fixed allowing the camera to pan without the frame "tilting". but your crane you will want to move up/down which means the camera platform swings up and down as well not staying level.

    what i recommend is a lightweight still camera type ball mount that allows 3 axis set up. and practice the shots to be sure you have the needed camera angle. this is not something that is done on the fly.

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