Movies with rape scenes?

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Im not some sick person, i just want to know some, so i can avoid them. Thx
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THE ENTITY is about a woman who gets repeatedly raped by a ghost in her house.
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  • amorsgotsoul answered 3 years ago
    The Hills Have Eyes 1 & 2
    Cannibal Holocaust
    and one of the most famous rape scenes is from A Clockwork Orange.


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  • Marla answered 3 years ago
    Precious and for colored girls have the strongest and worst rape scenes
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  • ? answered 3 years ago
    Last House on the Left
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  • Kamikaze answered 3 years ago
    Use Google. Duh.
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  • Crazy_Fool answered 3 years ago
    "The Accused with Jodi Foster. She gets Gang raped, very realistic. She won an Oscar.
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  • browntoastie answered 3 years ago
    last house on the left 2009
    leaving las vegas 1995
    monster 2003
    north country 2005
    a clockwork orange 1971
    platoon 1986
    apocalypto 2006
    the crow 1994
    thelma and louise 1991
    rambo 2008
    watchmen 2009
    the butterfly effect 2004
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  • Ms. Awesome answered 3 years ago
    I Spit on your Grave - girl gets raped and takes revenge on her abusers
    Clockwork Orange - you don't really see much of the rape, but you know it's about to happen.
    Pretty much any movie about men in jail. Some guy always gets raped.
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  • Patamon answered 3 years ago
    nightmare on elm street the remake cause at the end Freddy ties Nancy to the bed and touches her and tries to have sex with her
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  • Bryan answered 3 years ago
    The other bolyn girl.. And sure ya do....
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