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Can someone give me a list of GOOD recent scary movies?

My boyfriend and I are planning to have a movie night tonight and want to watch a scary movie! I need a list of really good scary movies that recently have come out on DVD (within the last 3 years id say) we've seen The Orphan, 127 Hours, and Buried (watched those the last 3 nights)

So what other scary movies are there that are scary and good that have recently come out on DVD???

Thankyou to those that help!!!

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    1. Daybreakers

    Earth is populated by vampires, and when their blood supply runs dry, the blood-thirsty beings hunts for any remaining human.

    2. The Wolfman

    A man tries to hunt down his brother's killer as he discovers that he has a horrifying fate.

    3. Shutter Island

    US marshal Teddy Daniels and his partner investigate on the strange disappearance of a hospital patient at Shutter Island. They end up stranded there as they discover the mysteries that surround the island. Teddy begins to question his memory and sanity amidst the investigations.

    4. The Crazies

    A group of town's people find themselves amidst of terror and fear when their picture-perfect town is infected by a toxin that makes them killing machines.

    5. Season of the Witch

    In this supernatural thriller, a righteous knight accepts the quest to deliver a girl, suspected to be a witch who caused the Black Plague. He and his companion learn that the suspect is indeed not a normal being, and that an ancient evil is looming their way.

    6. Piranha 3-D

    In sleepy Lake Victoria, as a score of prehistoric man-eating fishes are set free, a group of strangers work together to escape these monstrous jaws.

    7. A Nightmare on Elm Street

    Those who dream of the burned man faces death, while those left alive tries to stay awake to avoid falling into the same fate, as they uncover the mysteries behind the deaths.

    8. Mother's Day

    A villainous family finds their way back to their childhood home and takes hostage of the new owners and their guests. In order to save her children, Mother takes control of the situation. Dark secrets unravel as the hostages struggle to survive.

    9. Jonah Hex

    Having survived death, Jonah, a disfigured drifter and skilled bounty hunter, is stuck between the real world and the supernatural. He takes up a deal to track and stop a dangerous villain preparing to unleash Hell in exchange for his freedom.

    10. Predator

    Eight strangers with dangerous pasts find themselves on an alien planet. They soon learn that they were brought there by beasts that believe that they can sharpen their hunting skills by hunting these ‘warriors'. The group then tries to find ways to escape the planet.

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    Horror/Thriller/Suspense Movies:

    1. Scream 4

    2. My Bloody Valentine (both the original and remake are good)

    3. The Hills Have Eyes and the sequel

    4. Piranha (goofy/campy horror movie)

    6. Wrong Turn series

    7. A Perfect Getaway

    8. The Crazies (I've only seen the remake)

    10. Creep

    11. Dying Breed

    12. Autopsy

    13. Drive Thru (campy horror/funny)

    18. The Glass House

    19. Laid to Rest

    24. Catacombs

    31. Vacancy and Vacancy 2

    32. Hatchet (campy)

    38. Untraceable

    39. Lake Dead

    41. Treat R Treat

    42. Amusement (low budget but fun)

    44. P2

    47. And Soon the Darkness

    54. Drag Me To Hel_

    55. The Box

    62. Sorority Row

    64. Devil

    72. Dark House

    Hope this helps!

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    5 years ago

    Hostel The Hills Have Eyes Saw Saw II Stay Alive Slither The Ring 2

  • Anonymous
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    friday the 13


    scream 4

    paranormal activity 1 & 2

    the last exorcism

    childs play

    bride and seed of chucky



    a nightmare on elm street

    texas chain saw massacre


    sleepy hallow

    sweeny todd

    and the wolfman(the one that came out last year)

    Source(s): I'm only 12 and I know alot of scary movies hoped I helped!
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