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Anonymous asked in SportsBasketball · 9 years ago

Rate my NBA 2k11 association team...?

Rate 1-10

PG-Chris Paul/JJ Barea/Pargo

SG-Trevor Ariza/Marco Bellinelli

SF-Carmelo Anthony/James Jones/Quincy Pondexter

PF-Carl Landry/Jason Smith

C-Dwight Howard/Ronny Turiaf /DJ Mbenga

Cap Money is tight due to my big 3, so, my bench kinda stinks some...

BQ: Who will be in the finals next year? who wins, in how many games?

BQ2: Who will be the Surprise contender?

BQ3: How many rings will Miami's "Big 3" win?

BQ4:Rank these Point Guards in order: Chris Paul, Derrick Rose, Rondo, D-Will

BQ5: Who is your favorite NFL team?

4 Answers

  • Gaston
    Lv 5
    9 years ago
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    Awesome starting lineup and a pretty good bench. should be able to win championship with the team for a few years.

    BQ: Miami Heat vs Thunder = Heat Win in 6

    BQ2: Golden State Warriors

    BQ3: 2-4'


    BQ5: New York Giants

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  • Truth
    Lv 7
    9 years ago


    You need a better balance. If Melo or CP goes down you're gonna have a problem.

    BQ: Have to see the finalized teams first. Trades, off season signing, injuries. All can change the outcome.

    BQ2: Again, have to wait.

    BQ3: They'll probably be disbanded before they win one. I thought they had potential to win at least two straight before the meltdown they had in the finals.


    Value-wise: Rose > CP3 > Rondo > D-Williams

    BQ5: Bears

    Source(s): My current team: D-Rose (PG) CJ watson (PG) Stephon Marbury (PG) Joe Johnson (SG/PG/SF) Ronnie Brewer (SG/SF) Mike Miller (SG/SF/PG) Jake robinson; A shooter -from the d-league (IR) (SG) Rudy Gay (SF/SG) Andray Blatche (PF/C/SF) Tiago Splitter (PF/C) Ersan ilyasova (PF/SF) Nick Collison (PF/C) (IR) Joakim Noah (C/PF) Big Z (C)
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  • 9 years ago

    pretty solid, Turiaf and JJ are solid bench players too. pg/sf/c big 3 is probably the best positions to have your best players at

    1. miami in 6

    2. CAVS...not really id say memphis but they kinda proved that this playoffs

    3. I'm gonna say 2 in the next 3 years

    3. Rondo, Drose, cp3, dwill, but im a cs fan so id probably put rondo in between cp3 and dwill

    5. pats

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  • hartt
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    that's a stable group. Amar'e Stoudemire is a one guy coach this season, and Melo is enjoying relatively properly. the priority I unquestionably have with your group is that felton and fields is an exceedingly vulnerable lower back courtroom. i like your intensity, you have some stable defenders and Gallinari stretches the floor properly, in spite of the actuality that rebounding could be a undertaking for you at that place. i think of the biggest subject you will possibly be able to desire to enhance is getting yet another scorer as that's what your bench lacks. 8/10

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