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Translation to Latin help?

I'm trying to translate the phrase "All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel Mother." to Latin. I get "Mihi spes omnes aut esse debeo angelum meum mater.". Is this correct? Seeing as I used a translator I would like to get it checked out.

P.S. I'm getting this tattooed on my back. Please don't screw with me.

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    no! it's not correct. An online translator is only useful (for sentences) if one already knows a lot about the language to see where the translator misunderstood something or made grammar mistakes.

    My latin is too rusty to try though, especially the first part. I owe to my angle mother though would be something like debeo matri angelicae meae (in your case it translated both angel and mother in the wrong case AND the wrong gender.)

    I hope someone better at Latin than me can help you with the first part!

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    The translations you might have bought are absolute garbage. That's what you get while you use on-line translators. I constantly warning folks towards getting a tattoo in a language they've in no way studied. There is also subtleties of that means you don't comprehend, or the interpretation would possibly not seize the that means you're watching for. Also, any folks are competent of constructing a mistake or typo, in order to then end up everlasting for your frame. Finally, there are lots of methods to translate even a realistic word or sentence. Proceed at your possess threat. Here is my translation: ubi verba deficiunt, cantus loquuntur Where (or while) phrases fail, songs talk. Again, I advocate you to not get it tattooed for your frame, peculiarly in view that my Latin is a bit of rusty.

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    Summa id sum, sut umquam spero esse, debeo meum angelo-matri

    Source(s): Latin class
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