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Instrument rating :)?

So. I got the PPL. thinking about an instrument rating? Please tell me all about it!:)

Also... So I believe with the low hours I have, I'd have to do it part 141? I think I recall the part 61 demanding a lot more hours. Anyway. Thanks guys!!:)

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    It takes about 80 hours or so of flight and simulator time. The main difference between IFR and VFR is IFR requires you to be more precise because air traffic control needs to tell you what they want you to do and they block out a section of air for you. You are expected to remain in that block of air. They are expecting that they can stop watching you while they handle the 747 In-Bound. As long as you stay in your block of air you are safe and all the aircraft around you are safe. Drift out of your block and you are in the block of air that belongs to another aircraft. A good way to have a mid-air. So, you are told to fly a heading, altitude, and airspeed that may or may not include climb or decent at a specified rate (85Juliette, fly 275, 125 kt, descend 150 fpm and maintain 33 hundred) You are required to do all that with reference to instruments while at the same time keep track of where you are vertically, horizontally, where you are heading and what you are supposed to do when you get there. Doing all this on a dark and bumpy night is fun (once you get on the ground).

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