how to dress like hanna martin on pretty little liars?

im 14 and i love her style!! its really classy and sophisticated

what clothing should i get?(like where to shop?)

and make up? how does she do her makeup?

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    9 years ago
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    Hanna Marin's clothing style is boho, a little girly, edgy...

    Sticking to tones like black, pink, white, purple, magenta, navy blues, turquoise, tans, browns, etc would work out well

    Things you can wear:

    • Dark wash denim jeans

    • Plain blue skinny jeans (as long as you feel COMFORTABLE wearing them and you look good on them)

    • Striped shirts

    • BELTS!

    • Flowy tops


    • Floral dresses

    • Solid color flip flops

    • Ballet flats

    • Cardigans

    • Long necklaces

    • One shoulder shirts

    • Blazers

    • Hobo bags

    • Big bags

    • Bags with chain handles

    • Big sunglasses

    Use screencaps of Pretty Little Liars / pics you can find for fashion inspiration when you go out for clothes shopping!


    In this scene of Pretty Little Liars, Hanna is wearing a red flowy ruffle top with a thin white studded belt. She's also wearing some hoop circle earrings (not sure if they have holes or not)

    and a semi long necklace.

    You can buy all of the above at places like forever 21, delias, top shop, wet seal, etc


    Hanna's makeup is pretty natural, as you can see in this PLL screencap

    Use mascara, liner, and eye shadow/foundation -- must be matching your own skin tone

    Pink or nude lip gloss

    Source(s): i LOVE her style as well & I am a Pretty Little Liars fan
  • 9 years ago

    seems to me that for make-up she really likes mascara. her eyelashes look really bold and full so maybe get some mascara that gives you a fuller look. she seems to like pink lip gloss or a light pink lipstick. and for blush try something more neutral.

    for clothes Forever21 and Papaya might have tons of stuff that she would wear. hope this helps:)

    p.s. i really like her style too it's really cute!

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