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Chelsea asked in PetsDogs · 10 years ago

Questions about frontline plus for dogs?

I got frontline plus for my indoor dog... thankfully so, because as soon as i got home from the vet with him I found his first tick on him.. i was wondering how does this medication work? you have to squeeze out the medicine between his shoulder blades.. I don't know how that is supposed to kill the fleas and ticks all over his body? also, i put the medicine on him and did not remove the tick because I was afraid I wouldnt get the head out and I thought the medicine would kill it and it would just fall off.. I got home around 4 hours later, and the tick was still there and alive, so I removed it with tweezers the best I could. How long does it take to become effective? Thanks!

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    10 years ago
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    The packaging or website for the manufacturer should explain how the med works...most flea/tick preventatives are applied between the shoulder blades...or for large dogs between the shoulder blades and at the top of the tail (places the dog cannot lick it off)...the dog's movement helps distribute the product somewhat...if you want something that's not such a poison, but still gets good ratings for effectivity, the Dinovite company has a product called NomOflea that gets really good reviews, smells nice, and is basically made from essential oils...

    I didn't care for the topical products much, so I had my puppy put on the flea preventative pill (Comfortis) and so far it appears to be working well...haven't had any issues with ticks either...

    Source(s): Akiak's mom
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    It gets all over the body because you're supposed to part the fur on the neck, meaning it goes straight into the skin and all over his body, it prevents ticks it doesn't kill them, it becomes effective a few hours after being put on so long as he doesn't manage to rub against something and rub it off, personally if an animal already has a tick you're better off getting tick shampoo and using that on him before putting the frontline on in future if he has any more problems

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    10 years ago

    Don't use front line or any of those products. The commercials and vet's make it seem like the greatest thing but do you even realize what your putting on your dog or cats fur/skin? Its pretty much harsh pesticides that their sensitive skin absorbs. Go online for some natural remedies that will ward off ticks if you want your dog to live a HEALTHY, happy life.

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