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Why is my Steam download taking so long?

Hey! So here's the thing, just last night I bought a game, Civilization V. It downloaded in 2 hours and I usually have up to 60kbps download speed witch I know isn't very good. Civilization didn't work so I got Warhammer40k Dawn of War II. It has a smaller update, about 1000mb smaller. Now it says that I have to wait 22 hours for my game to download. I don't mind waiting its just that I'm wondering why its so slow, and if it will speed up overnight? Thank's for reading!

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    Steam has very strange servers sometimes and it acts quite weird....usually I give it a day and things are back to normal...another thing to try out is changing to a different server by going into the settings and looking for servers from other countries or places nearby. Hope that helps!

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    Simply because steam isn't a download accelerator and doesn't use one.

    For example,when u download something using JDownloader or DAP it's much faster because it operates multiple traffic requests on the same file on server,but when using downloaders inside certain programs it's not as fast because the same thing doesn't happen,and the server delivers only one permission,that's why it gives u only 60 kbps.

    And the other problem is simply because the server may be overloaded or there's a certain issue with it (the servers operating steam aren't actually the greatest thing about it),u just have to give it sometime and it'll speed up.

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