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Help - anybody with expierence with miniature horses?

I'm thinking about buying a mini. I'm expierenced with large horses and riding, but right now, thinking about a mini. :) Right now, where I'd be boarding would be $425/mo. Including halter, blanket, brushes/combs, lead, vet/ferrier, etc., how much would you expect everything to come to at first? Say the horse is between $300-$700. Monthly? Yearly? Thanks so much :)

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    I could ask you why you are choosing to buy a mini, but I won't, that's your own personal choice.

    Does your boarding fee pay for feed and hay? If not that cost will be at least $200 a month or more. Your starting care equipment (halter, blanket, etc) will probably be at least $150. A vet exam and shots should be around $150-200. Worming every three months on a rotated wormer is $20. The farrier is $50 for a barefoot trim or $75-100 for shoes every six - eight weeks. This does not include any special vet care for accidents or sickness.

    Starting out you are looking at between $1000 and $1500 minimum in your first month alone for a horse that is too small to ride and minis often require special hoof care and feeding. Going with a full sized horse would cost you the same and you'd have something to ride. I won't stipulate as to your yearly cost as that's impossible to tell without knowing what his medical needs are.

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