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Is it hard having 2 kids under the age of 2?

I am 19 years old, and i am married, and my husband is in the Air Force. And right now I have a 5 month old son, who i stay at home with. And I am considering getting pregnant again. Hoping for a baby girl this time :), but first I wanted to know what its like having 2 kids under the age of 2. Please only answer if you can relate to my question :)

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    First things first, having a second baby does not create the same sort of upheaval and lifestyle changes that having your first baby does, so if you're imagining how it was with your first a second time round but this time with a toddler in tow, then you're going to be a bit overwhelmed.

    A second child just sort of fits in to your lives a lot neater than your first does. You're already used to early mornings and nappy changes. You know what to pack for a day out and you've already got the feeding thing down.

    A second child does, obviously, come with it's own needs and demands, and sometimes you can feel like it's all too much to handle, but if you look back, you probably felt this at times with your first, and now look at how well you manage it!

    My youngest was 18 months when my second was born. I was a lot more confident about what I needed to do as a mum and having my eldest so small meant that I could easily take them out one in the buggy the other in the carrier sling. They're so close in age that they're really the best of friends now. Because my eldest was so young when his sister was born, he didn't feel like he was being ousted and his first gesture towards her was to offer her his special teddy.

    I honestly wouldn't change the age gap between my kids at all. I only wish I'd been able to conceive our third a bit sooner so the small age gaps would continue (still ttc with my youngest at 21 months).

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    Very!!! And your son remains so youthful, supply it some time and enjoy him. I unquestionably have a 21 month age hollow between my youngest and the 1st 2 years have been hell. you have a great number of time to have greater young ones. I had my first at 20 and the 2d at 26, i replaced into lots greater affected person and a lots greater useful parent the 2d time around. that is relatively confusing and tiring having a infant and being pregnant and having a new child. We deliberate our final 2 and that i does no longer have 2 so close mutually lower back that is for confident!!

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    All I can tell you is I have a 6 month old and I am 9 weeks pregnant with our 2nd child. So from my experience, if you get morning sick like I have been, it is EXTREMELY difficult to care for a 5 or 6 month old while holding your head over the toilet puking your guts out. Also the exhaustion will even wear you out more. So I can just say that I hope your planning on waiting until your little one is either crawling or walking before you decide to get pregnant again. My 6 month old doesn't crawl and can only roll on to his belly and scoot himself in circles. IF I had known I was going to get pregnant this fast I would have waited. I had no reason to believe I was going to get pregnant on my own because it took us 2 years of fertility and a miscarriage to get pregnant with my son. So good luck to you, but I just know it is extremely hard being pregnant and having an infant that is totally dependent on you all day and all night.

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    I go pregnant when my first was 7 mo. They ended up being 15 mo apart b/c the second was born early. Do you have a lot of family support? It wasn't bad for me - I don't mind staying at home most of the time - it is a bit difficult to get out of the house. I used a sling for the baby when I did go out so I could still be attentive to the toddler. Now they are 2 and 3 and best friends. They play together all the time.

    But I wouldn't plan on getting a girl - both of mine are girls.

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    I became pregnant with my daughter when my son was 8 months old.

    When my daughter was first born, I had a pretty hard time adjusting. Now I'm used to it, but caring for two small children is a VERY demanding job---more than people who have not done it will ever understand. But I hear that when they are older, my hard work will have paid off since they will be close in age and I will be done with the "baby phase" sooner than later.

    It's tough, but I don't regret my decision to have my children close together.

  • My 2 youngest are 23 months apart and yes, it was incredibly hard. I'm not going to lie to you. It was damn near impossible and I had a lot of help from my husband.

    I went back to work after 9 months of being off because that is something I needed to do.

    I wish you a lot of luck. Some woman can do it but not many.

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    think the first week you brought your baby home. now picture that times 2 !

    do you really want that ? and once the new baby comes the other will want even more attention because it will lack the attention for a little due to settling the new baby. so yes it is very hard !

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    I found it much harder once they had grown a little and were able to bicker.

    They are so close in age that everything has to be a competition.

    The baby stage is easy!

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    yes it is ,having 2 kids close is hard but you cope not easy but they grow up eventually not that's going to help but give wee son a bit of your time no hurry is there

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