JJ Reddick vs Tyler Hansbrough?

Who was the better college player and why?

Why are both not failing in the NBA?


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    9 years ago
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    I would say Tyler had the more consistency throughout his career -- though if JJ were a year and a half older his freshman season...that would not likely be the case.IMO JJ was more dominant in his final two seasons than Psycho T. He was the consensus National Player of the Year after his Junior and Senior seasons (Psycho T will not match this), and averaged a shade under 27 points per game his senior year. Saying JJ without his shot would be nothing in Duke history is not fair. How much of his shooting do you want to take away? Take anyone's best skill/asset away and they would not be as good. Take away Magic's court vision, Bird's shot, Shaq's size, Kareem's hook, Jordan's explosiveness, etc... BTW, if you only make JJ a little less better shooter, I would argue JJ would still have been quite a player at Duke.


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  • 3 years ago

    info do no longer continually tell the story. the only thank you to wisely choose it fairly is by pitting the two head to head and seeing who dominates whom. regrettably, for the reason that this can no longer take place interior the suited 4, we will could await the NBA. That, my buddy, is the place you will quickly see that evaluating Tyler Hansbrough to Greg Oden is like evaluating Brian Scalabrine to Chris Bosh. there is not any evaluation. Hansbrough would be slightly used decrease back-up ability forward whilst Oden would be somebody's franchise center.

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  • Tyler Hansbrough is the better player in my opinion. I think he is more of a pure small forward which is why he is struggling in the NBA.

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