If I write a letter to Obama, will he actually read it?

When I was like six or seven I wrote a letter to Bush regarding 9/11 being observed as a national holiday, but all I got back was a generic letter saying to stay in school and not do drugs. I was young, but mature enough to realize the letter he "wrote" did not answer any of the questions I had. Two weeks later I saw a sixth grade student from my elementary school was flown out to Washington D.C. because she wrote a letter to Bush--Not sure of the topic. Now I'd like to write to Obama on a different subject, but a veryyyy very important one. I'm older and a better writer and thinker. Do you think if it is good enough he will actually read it and send an actual response back and maybe do something about it? I plan on at least a three page single spaced letter.


I'm writing on a local city that has persecuted and oppressed firefighters to the point where their families are being turned away by the city. The city is not budging and has already bankrupted themselves due to the previous mayor stealing and stealing and stealing. It has gotten so bad a man had to go to the city for his daughter getting medical attention for a condition of hers and the city denied them. The city also has a graduation rate of below 50%. This is one of the financially worst cities in the country.

Update 2:

The only people who can help them and their families now is the federal governent. If they get no help they will all lose their jobs and their families will suffer to no end. The us government needs to help the fire fighters and make an example out of this city. To put it this way, a high ranking officer after 20 years of service only gets paid 600 dollars in his pension. This is a HIGH ranking officer, an area where not many people retire at. Welfare people get 2 grand a month and they didnt risk their lives like firefighters.

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    The President is sent thousands of letters, e-mails, tweets and the like every hour of every day. He can't possibly read them all himself. He has a staff to do that - and even they give letters a cursory glance - there's just too many to read in their entirety. Letters that are more than a paragraph or two long hit the wastebasket so fast they almost catch fire. If you feel you have a valid point to make, it should be clear, concise, and no more than 250 words. If you can't condense it, don't send it to the President. Send it to your local newspaper instead, or to your local Congressman or Senator.

    Sorry, but that's just the way it is. Those who actually get their letters through to the President are a very lucky few, and those who get a response to specific questions from him are very rare and very, very lucky.

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    A three page letter is far too long to get any-ones attention. It'll maybe be quickly scanned over by an office worker. You'll get a standard response if you are lucky. Keep your letter to half a page, if you make it interesting enough, someone will write back to you asking for further details.

    (It's a bit like submitting a book for publication, where you send the first chapter and a scenario of what the book will contain)

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    The civil governmental system is in place for petitions between ppl beseeching an agreement on structure and operations of "living life." In the old days, you went to your elders and the community-at-large to solve problems B4 you approached the government. These days it's anything goes and there are many folks bcmg politico's (verbally affluent folks) that would never have been considered an authority; these are the folks that advocate on our behalf in the Worldly Arena. Face it, we're all represented in the gov't.

    If all you have is a hammer, you will see everything needs 2B smashed like a nail....you speak of oppression and persecution but you own a computer and are able to speak on a public forum about your problems/difficulties. You speak of suffering but you have a house, a car, a TV, and the liberty to move about freely and even money to spend as you wish!

    Stop looking to the Federal Government to solve all your problems; act local and you'll get better results.

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    i admire and support Firefighters, the Police and Public Servants. Start locally as best you can with any support groups you can find. Of course, write letters to the local newspapers and tv stations that support interaction with the public. Try county offices, of elected officials. Write, write and write. Call and ask for appointments. Have your written report well typed and researched. Be respectful. Ask for strong support. Look for Professional Firefighters Organizations Online and enlist their support. Regardless of what idiocy you might here on line from time to time, when someone's home is burning, they ALL want FIREMEN. Keep your chin up. Maybe even volunteer in your community to help others and to build contacts/support.

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    Letters addressed to the president, are first read by members of his staff. If the letter contains subject matter that is specific to a cabinet office(i.e. Secretary of defense) the letter may be referred to that department, and read by more staff. Out of the 1000s of letters received in a day, a few chosen by the staff as the most important and relevant to the presidents current political goals are given to the president to read and reply to if he wishes. The remainder are usually replied to in a generic manner by the president's staff.

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    Cleveland 06/24/11

    A good bet your letter will go to the observers,.! The people that screens incoming mails for the


    If they see same as unusual or a good gimmic,.or, release,.etc,

    The Pres can have it 'en read same,..Sssooo, what you have to talk about,.? As, this would

    probably determine whether the letter get seen,.or, become an item fit for the news, etc,..

    Eliasis Yahwehei ( The Main Man )

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    It is possible, but not likely. He has a staff that deals with it. You will get a response from them, or another agency at their request. It will normally be generic, but occasionally, it will be farmed out to someone who will read the letter and respond, usually under the President's (facsimile) signature.

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    The same odds that any past president read a random letter from someone he didn't know. Zero.

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    noone can awnser if he will read it but u will never know if u dont try .

    i remember i wrote a letter to my state senate (i think thats who it was i was younger) and he wrote back and it actually had to do with the topic i was writing to him about . but like i was saying give it a shot . also my mom wrote 2 obama (belive it or not) and he did write back it was about the people of the US getting health insurance and he wrote back that he is trying .

    but idk if he will awnser but its worth a try .

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