if its supposed to thunderstorm today and be about 86 degrees should i still go to the beach?

hello! i was really looking forward to going to the beach today, but the weather for today is thunderstorms, 80% humidity, and 86 degrees, with a 9 UV index. should i still go ? i may want to go in the water..

we were thinking about ocean city, nj.

thank you :D


it's a 50% chance of rain. and we love belmar too, but ocean city is closer to us. (:

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  • 10 years ago
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    well whats the chance for thunderstorms? if its 30% then yes definitely go you'll have a big chance of not seeing any rain, but if its 80% chance then u should prolly just stay home :) not to be off topic but u should try belmar beach,NJ its the best beach ever!! its also a cleaner beach :D if its 50% then i would go but just keep an eye to the sky :D

  • 10 years ago

    It works like this: the meteorologist sees that the adiabatic lapse rate (how fast the air cools with altitude) is high and there is enough warm and moist air near the ground. That causes instability. Cumulonimbus will develop and, perhaps, some of them will cause local thunderstorms.

    It means that you can still get wet from the rain, even if there are no thunderstorms. It also means that thunderstorms might just pass on the side of your location.

    The percentage is for the likelihood of the event to come; not the area it covers nor the duration. Something that is often misunderstood by the layman.

    My advice is; go to the beach but have a plan B just in case. Have a nice day!

  • 10 years ago

    Best guide you can get is from the sky. Dark sky and heavy clouds formation are clear signs of impending thunderstorm. Strong winds will indicate good chances of cloud disappearing. Balance the odds and try avoid risks.

  • 10 years ago

    You should make Intellicast a favorite link. That will give you radar images of storms in your area once you set it up.


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