I am sooo interested in Korean language and was wondering how to say this..?

I was wondering how to say the following (with Korean characters, and pronounciation)

'Hi, my name is Emily Souza. Nice to meet you! I am half Japanese, and half American. I am 24 years old.'

And 'I love you', and 'I love your music', and I'm your fan.


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    Lol, which celeb are you gonna say this to?

    i'm guessing you're into Kpop, right?

    Hi =

    Formal: 안녕하세요 /an-niyong-ha-say-yo/

    Informal: 안녕 /an-niyong/

    (Click on the link below to listen to the pronunciation)


    My name is =

    Formal: 'je i-rum un Emily Souza im-ni-da.'

    Informal: Naneun Emily Souza imnida!

    or when talking to a much younger person: 'ne i-rum un Emily ya.'

    (Sorry, couldn't find the pronunciation online)!

    It's nice to meet you =

    Assuming you mean 만나서 반갑습니다 and you are a native english speaker, here's a guide:

    만나서 mannaseo,

    man (rhymes with "john")

    na (rhymes with "spa")

    suh (rhymes with "the" when unstressed, not pronounced "thee").

    반갑습니다 bangabsuemnida,

    ban (rhymes with "John")

    gab (rhymes with "cob")

    suem (English has no equivalent of "ue." It's really an unrounded "oo" sound; so, "soom" with an unrounded "oo")

    ni (said like "knee")

    da (rhymes with "spa")

    So, mohn-na-suh bohn-gob-soom-knee-da. OK?

    Also, note Korean is very flat, with little stress. Some speakers use none at all. But, Korean is also very tense, even more so than French.

    만나서 반갑습니다 is the high-polite form. Used for seniors in age or social rank.

    만나서 반가워요 is the mid-polite form (used with most everyone else). The first part, "만나서," is pronounced the same. But the second part,

    ban (same as above, rhymes with "John")

    ga (rhymes with "spa")

    wuh (rhymes with "the," unstressed)

    yo (said like "yo" in "yo-yo," but the final "o" does not have a diphthongal glide. Said like "o" in German, "eau" in French)

    (Don't know how to say i'm half Korean and half Japanese but i hope this is good enough)

    I am American.

    저는 미국 사람입니다.

    jeonun miguk saram imnida.

    Not too sure about this one but i think it's right!

    I am Japanese.

    나는 일본이다

    naneun ilbon ida

    I am 24 years old =

    저는 24 세 오전

    jeoneun 24 se ojeon

    (Click on the link below to listen to the pronunciation)


    I love you =

    Saranghae, Saranghaeyo, Saranghabnida

    They all have the same meaning, but a slight different feeling from a one who accepts them. For a example, in the first, Saranghae mostly used between two lovers, or parents say to their children. Saranghaeyo is a general form for I love you in Korean. And Saranghabnida is the modest form for I love you. If you are youth, I recommend that you use the first.

    I really love your (music/work), keep on the good work! =

    저는 당신의 음악을 정말 좋아합니다! 지금처럼 계속 잘 하세요~

    jeoneun dangsin-ui eum-ag-eul jeongmal joh-a hamnida! jigeum cheoreom gyesok jal haseyo~

    Hello, just wanted to say that I'm a fan of yours! =

    저는 당신의 열렬한 팬이다는 걸 말해 주고 싶었어.

    jeoneun dangsin-ui yeollyeolhan paen-idaneun geol malhae jugo sip-eoss-eo.

    Also, look this site up!

    it's very useful!


    P.S. dang, that took me long to answer!

    phew, hope i helped! :D

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