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Seniors, is the Casey Anthony trial more and more seeming like?

a really, really bad episode of Perry Mason?

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    9 years ago
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    Perry never had to deal with rabble rousers like Nancy Grace and Jane Velez Mitchell. In my area a six year old girl was found imprisoned in a cage made from a crib. She was naked, covered with feces, and so hungry she was eating her own skin. She was in the cage so long she can no longer walk. The body of another child was found buried on the property. Why aren't the sob sisters making a big deal over this? Because the parents are unattractive, poor white trash.

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    It seems to me the only dysfunctional member of the family is Casey. I think her parents are so devastated, not just by the murder of their grand child, but the fact their daughter is a text book sociopath, if not psychopath and will so willingly make horrendous accusations against her father, ( I am convinced none of it is true), and her brother who is really overwhelmed. The brothers speech as a eulogy is confusing, and I'm not sure of his stability.

    I am not a person who ghoulishly watches these things, but for me this case is riveting. I think Judge Perry is doing an excellent job and is certainly not playing to the cameras.

    I am so interested to hear the testimony of the meter reader.

    I believe Casey drugged her child one time too many and found she had OD'd her and then eventually decided how to dispose of her mistake.

    Oh yeah, blow off Nancy Grace! I have never seen anyone who ever was in such a profession say and behave with such dramatics. For example. the day the lady said it could have been a dog,. or coyote, she introduced her show saying "a Coyote did it"!

  • jackie
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    9 years ago

    I'm just afraid it will end up like the OJ or Michael Jackson trials. No innocent mother would lie about her child being taken and go out dancing when they know it's all a lie. If it was an accident the lawyer would have made a deal in the beginning without ever going to trial. What I didn't know is that a defense lawyer can just lie and come out and blame anyone for the murder or say untrue things. Poor little Caylee.

  • TMI
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    9 years ago

    Perry Mason episodes never had plots this bad. This is more like a bad "Love Boat"

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  • 9 years ago

    Although I find this to be a brutal and heinous crime, I do not understand the extent it's gone to, and all the media coverage. It's actually surpassing the OJ trial...and no one involved is 'famous'...but right here where I live, a 9 year old boy was found dead in his home...there were definite signs of long-term torture and abject neglect...AND the cause of death was starvation...he weighed 24 pounds! We heard about it only once on the day his body was discovered, and then on the day they arrested his aunt and uncle for the crime. I've heard nothing since.

  • Gladys
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    9 years ago

    I don't think Perry ever had to deal with a case that was so sensationalized. For some reason, this case has taken on a life of it's own and had caused a media stir. I just wonder how many other children have been murdered and nothing has been covered in the media about them. It's such a shame.

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    It has typical Nancy Grace over-the-top coverage of a crime against a white child.

    I think any time NG gets involved, the jury should immediately be sequestered to give the defendant some small hope of a fair trial.

    Due to the nature of the case and the graphic evidence, I'm happy that I'm not on the jury.

    Crimes against children are so heinous, so despicable, so bewildering.

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    Even Perry Mason couldn't handle this one!!

  • 9 years ago

    Perry Mason would make this trial look like a circus....oh wait, it is already a circus. I rest my case.

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    9 years ago

    The whole thing is circumstantial evidence gone crazy. I quite honestly don't know what to believe. Perry Mason reruns are more believable.

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