What are the similarities between the tombs of Tutankhamun and Amenhotep II?

I just need some of the similarities and what it suggests about royal burials of the 18th Dynasty.

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    10 years ago
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    Well they're both in the 'Valley of the Kings' a huge royal cemetery (or necropolis (literally 'city of the dead')) next to ancient Egypt's capital of Thebes (now Luxor Egypt), where royals were buried for centuries. Amenhotep II and Tutankhamen ruled and were buried about 100 years apart. Amenhotep II came first 1427-1420BC. Both tombs were decorated and painted with wall to wall prayers, spells, drawings in the Egyptian manner. Amenhotep's tomb was 2 stories, Tut's only 1 story. Amenhotep's was 'L' shaped, tut's mostly straight. Amenhotep's was later used by Egyptian priests as a 'mummy cache' to store other royal mummies in. Tut's tomb of course stayed sealed from ancient times till 1922. It could say tomb patterns in the 18th dynasty varied.

    Wikipedia actually has a lot of good stuff on 'Valley of the Kings'. Amenhotep II tomb is numbered kv35,Tut's kv62.

  • virgen
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    Amenhotep II (R 1425-1400) I Tuthmosis IV (R 1400-1390) I Amenhotep III (R 1390-1352) I Akhenaten (R 1352- 1334) I Tutankhamun (R 1333-1324) this may be a right away parental line so Amenhotep II is Tut's super grandfather.

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