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Jake Long v. Joe Thomas?

Jake Long all the way...

-Pro Football Focus rated him as the leagues best pass protector last season (Thomas 4th).

-Ranked as the leagues best offensive linemen by his fellow players in the Top 100. 28th overall as opposed to Thomas at 43rd (3rd best OL).

-He accomplished those feats even after playing the last 7 games with a torn labrum in his shoulder (which required surgery after the season).

Im hoping this will finally shut up the Browns fans who think nobody compares to their beloved Joe Thomas. The fact that his peers ranked him 15 spots lower than Long should speak volumes.


Levi- Don't pull facts outta your azz. Long's specialty is and has always been run blocking. Thomas lacks the power to be an elite run blocker. Hes a technician while Long is a mauler. Id take the mauler for my run game anyday.

TeeDawg- Why would I listen to a bunch of ESPN analysts more than the guys who are out there on the field, playing the games? Thomas is good, but not at Long's level.

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    Regarding your second stat above, ESPN Morning Take commented as follows:

    After Ben Roethlisberger's No. 41 ranking and Thomas at No. 43, I'm seriously questioning the validity of these ratings. There will always be surprises on any list, but these are major whiffs.

    anyway, I guess this is what has you irked?

    ESPN Power Rankings - Top Ten Left Tackles:

    1. Joe Thomas, Cleveland Browns

    2. Jake Long, Miami Dolphins

    3. Ryan Clady, Denver Broncos

    4. Jordan Gross, Carolina Panthers

    5. D'Brickashaw Ferguson, NY Jets

    6. Michael Roos, Tennessee Titans

    7. Jason Peters, Philadelphia Eagles

    8t. Marcus McNeill, San Diego Chargers

    8t. Donald Penn, Tampa Bay Bucs

    10. Matt Light, New England Patriots

    Although they admitted that it was almost a coin toss between the two.

    Personally, I'd prefer to leave it as the power ranking stated: The best news is, these guys are so young we can have this same argument every year for the next decade.

    Peace Bro.

    ETA: OK... how many of those players that voted actually went up against Thomas or Long to be able to give an accurate opinion? And so you put more weight to any pros vote? What about Chad Johnson's vote - he's a nice guys but how smart is that one going to be? How about Randy Moss? And how many of those pros that voted really cared that much to put any effort into it? I have to assume it's like the pro bowl where name recognition and popularity counts highly as well.

    Honestly, if you recheck what I wrote, I'm not saying either is better. Just pointing out that you can hand pick any stats you want from a large selection to skew an argument one way or the other.

    Now give me ten points or the gloves are gonna come off! :-)

  • Levi
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    10 years ago

    Run-blocking= Joe Thomas

    Pass-protecting= Jake Long

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    I like them both but I agree with you , I think Long is better he also plays a different style then Thomas .

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