What would the 24th STS do?

What would the combat controllers in the 24th STS do?

Don't the groups they work with (Delta, DEVGRU, CIA, etc.) have the ability to commit precision air strikes on their own?

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  • 10 years ago
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    Do they ? yes

    But the Air Force wants an airmen on the ground, calling in air strikes from air force aircraft.

    Plus, for those other units, that would just mean detailing a trained operator to call in air strikes

    When they could be doing the job they are trained for.

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    10 years ago

    Not to same level of precision as a combat controller. There once was a operation in Afghanistan where a combat controller became momentarily blind during a firefight, he could not see any targets. He still called precise air strikes relying only on what the pilot told him he saw. A combat controller is not only a JTAC but they also trained air traffic controllers, they know everything about the aircraft and it's limitations. Nothing is more deadly then a combat controller with his radio and USAF over head.

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