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Will smoking weed really effect my mind long term and short term?

I'm an actor so I spend alot of time memorizing lines and I need to be sharp, but I smoke weed because it helps me socially in networking events (I'm very shy) and clear my mind and come up with ideas and I want to know if daily and weekly use will effect my mental state permanently and in the short term after a high has worn off.

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    if u smoke it a lot (like 2-3 bowls a day) it'll effect your motivation thus your memory because you'll try a lot less. but if u smoke to help sleep or smoke as a replacement of alcohol u should do fine.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    What is this? One contradiction on another. Sharp/weed opposites. Actor/shy impossible or you are just starting to act. Learning lines? simple, write them over and over a few times. Never needed weed. Weed short/medium/long term = bad. Ask any one with brains, yours are atrophied already. After is has worn-ed of, you'll start craving sooner and sooner and more and more.


    Source(s): Actor/director 40 odd years.
  • 9 years ago

    It's bad. Don't do it. Ruins your memory.

    Source(s): My friend started doing it and now he is a low life
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