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200 free relay JO time?

what is the 11-12 girls 200 free relay JO time and the 13-14 girls 200 free relay JO time for swimming. best answer gets 10 points!


im in pacific swimming standards (california), and i looked online on google and couldnt find anything

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    The JO's (Junior Olympics) time standards vary from region to region. So, since you are as capable as everyone else to use google, you may go to and type in "2011 Junior Olympics relay swim time standards and __________(your state or region goes in the blank)"

    Your caveat of "best answer gets 10 points!" is insulting.

    Additional Details:

    On the USA Swimming Web site, I could only find times for individual races for the JO's. No relay times were posted.

    However, I did find Pac Swimming time Standards which listed relays (below).

    11-12 200 Free Relay: SCY 1:54.79 LCM 2:05.99

    13-14 200 Free Relay: SCY 1:48.99 LCM 2:03.89

    Your next step:

    Your coach or people who are 'carded' stroke and turn, starters, or referees should have a "Swimming Guide" which is the rule book for USA Swimming. In that book, time standards should also be listed.

    Source(s): Scroll down about 2/3rds of the way for 2011 Pacific Swimming Age Group Time Standards
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