I need a good fighting + romance seinen anime to watch?

I especially love feudal japan era or medieval era or even fantasy as long as there are good fighting plus some good romance. it has to be a seinen; a more mature adult anime that has a good storyline. have to be cool main characters. some i've enjoyed are Berserk, claymore, Kenshin, ninja scrolls.


btw - already seen black lagoon. didnt like it too much

Update 2:

give me a list! thanks

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    Basilisk - 24 episodes drama/fighting/tragedy/romance. This is definitely what you're looking for. it's feudal japan and there's ton of gory fighting. Think of it like a bloody feudal japan Romeo and Juliet sorta deal.

    KuroKami - 25 episodes drama/fighting. It's a seinen with a lot of fighting but it's not too gory. Has a good story but not much romance, the manga is better and it does have more romance.

    Afro Samurai - 5 episodes action. it's pretty weird. it takes place in feudal japan and has sword fights but there's matchlock rifles which weren't really around japan back then. it also has robots and video cameras lol. it's extremely gory but it does have some romance.

    I think that's about it. You've pretty much have seen all the other feudal fighting animes out there.

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    Samurai Deeper Kyo- 26 eps


    Basilisk- 26 eps


    To watch anime try:





    Hope I helped some. :)

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