SSD or HDD (10 Points)?

does any one have SSD on their computer, if so please tell me should i buy it ?

and what is the transfer speed when you copy files,

My system is i7,6 GB Ram, Radeon 5770 hd - the HDD is the weakest point in my Windows 7 Rating 5.9

should i buy a 1 TB SATA 6GB/S $100 or 120 GB SSD $250



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  • 9 years ago
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    SSD drives are can afford it! Most of us only use the SSD for the programs that take a long time to the OS...I have a 64GB SSD for just my OS. I use a 1T WD "black" 64 MB cache in SATA 3...once I'm up and running all my programs and "saved" data works off the 1T which is way fast enough for me. Just hated to wait for the OS to load up. There is still no economically feasible reason for an SSD just yet. Just divide the price by the GB to get the cost per GB and you can see the SSD is WAY over priced!

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    You can spend the extra money on the SSD if you have lots of money but if you aren't rich, you'll regret it.

    SATA drives today are very fast. SSD drives have benefits, but their cost makes them overkill. My upgrade to a SATA drive fixed all my windows ratings problems.

  • 9 years ago

    I'd go for the SSD for gaming... Just stick the OS only onto it...

    I don't have one, the only SSD I have is for my Dell mini 9, and it's pretty fast...

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