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Why are some online universities regionally accredited and some only nationally accredited?

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    Universities that are only nationally accredited usually do not qualify for regional accreditation. Avoid them.

    Also avoid for-profit (proprietary) universities. They are not respected by public and private non-profit universities for good reason and often it is difficult or impossible to transfer their credits even if they are regionally accredited. They also are not respected by many employers.

    You will find the best online instruction in the online programs of state universities. If your major is not offered by your state university, look at University College of University of Maryland, which is the largest online program of any public university. It is very difficult to find science majors online due to the need for laboratory work.

  • eri
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    Because some of them really suck (nationally accredited) and some of them only kinda suck (regionally accredited). But really you shouldn't be going to any of them.

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