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National Guard or Army Reserve?

I've been planning on joining the National Guard, but things keep getting delayed. I haven't even gotten a physical yet and it's been about a year since I started trying to enlist.

I've been getting calls from the Army Reserve because of my high ASVAB scores... (And from other branches of military... But if I do military it has to be in reserves so I can also attend college.)

Would the army reserves be able to get me enlisted faster?

Also, what are the pros and cons of each?

Any info helps :) thanks :)

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    Suggest go Army Reserves. Reason: my brother is a staff sergeant in the Guard. He was a SSG when he left active duty many years ago. Because the Guard's rank structure is bloated, he will likely retire as a SSG after he completes his total time for retirement six years from now.

    The Army Reserves organizational structure is mirrored after the active duty Army. This means that you can be promoted up to E-9 (Sergeant Major) in a reasonable time sequence. Not so for the Guard.

    Can they get you enlisted faster? Don't know what your hurry is, but they might be able to do the paperwork faster than the Guard especially since they contacted you. Recommend get off your duff and apply. That is the only way you will know.

    By the way, from experience, being in the drilling Reserves or Guard while going to college is the hard way at getting your college degree. One weekend a month you have to go to drill training and two weeks a year you have to go to two weeks of field training. If you have your final exams the week following a drill period you will NOT have time to study for those exams. It can mean the difference of pass or fail a course (s). Ditto if you have to go to field training in the middle of a semster. You miss two weeks of classes with negative results.

    The amount of money that you would get from the Reserves as a PVT or PFC is very little. Not enough to help you pay for college. Don't use this as a reason. If you want to join so that you feel that you are serving your Nation, wait until you get your degree and go to OCS or better yet, join Army ROTC in college. You can even apply for an ROTC scholarship which would help you pay for college and when you get your BA/BS degree, set you on course to be an Army Officer.

    Note: Being enlisted in the Reserves would not provide any advantage to becoming an Army officer in the future - the Reserves do not provide any experience that would be useful. Only 4 years of active duty performing your MOS responsibilities 24/7, 365 days a year.

    Lieutenant Colonel, US Marine Corps-Retired

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