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Moving from Wales to England.?

I'm originally from England but moved to Wales when I was about seven years old and iv'e made so many friends here. I'm approaching my second year of A-levels now in september but my parents have decided to divorce during my first year exams -.- and because of it my mom can't afford the rent and by some long story she found and got a job in england. So now, were moving.. i'm really struggling to look at it in a positive light, anybody fancy throwing a few advantages of moving countries at me?


@spike - i'm not discriminating at all.. i have no problems with either country at all! i'm sorry for being mistaken.. i mean seriously? urgh. you're one sad act. i'm just trying to find positives from losing my friends, education and dad. but obviously, you can't help

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    Wales a county? Spike seems to be in stuck in 1300 :P tssk ignore the idiot...

    I've been stayin in Yorkshire for 2 years, I have to say, it depends where you are planning on living, in the town? city? countryside?...

    London is really expensive, there are cheap places but are not easy to find...but awesome!

    England has its culture and great night life, around cities like Liverpool, Leeds Birmingham...plenty of places to find work, in the towns and big cities..plenty of oppurtunities, univesity of Liverpool Brimingham Cambridge, I can name more which are the best universities in England, and UK

    love Northumberland, and its countryside...and also the lake district..

    from my experience english people are kind caring and helpful people, their like Welsh people in a different way...and of course there are ignorant people worse than "spike" but its similar to what you find in Cymru... its up to you to find out whether your going to like it there, where you will be starting your new life :)

    good luck! hope all goes well :)

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    You didn't say to where in England you are moving. The location might make a big difference, good or bad.

    There will be some academic difficulties if the exam board is different. However, you will be surprised how quickly you can make new friends at a new school.

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    You make it sound like you are moving to the other side of the world, you are infact moving counties not countries. We are all in the UK and if you really want to get technical Wales is a principlality not a country.....get over your dicrimination or you will have real problems in the future.

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