Any NY City Outskirts hotel close to train station and accessible to Penn Station NY City?

I am planning to visit NY city as a tourist for 3 days.

I have checked the hotel rates in times square and other locations in NY city and they are little bit expensive.

Now to cut down hotel costs, I was thinking if there are any hotels in suburbs (no too far) but close to train stations. And from that train station I can catch a train and go to Penn Station, NY city pretty quick.

I have seen a Long Island Rail road train, which connects to Long Island to NY city.

I am looking at a hotels which are nearby train stations, and from that train station I can go to Penn Station NY city within 30 minutes or so.

Let me know

Thanks in advance

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    9 years ago
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    Try the Woodbridge Hilton in New Jersey. It's an easy 10 minute walk to the New Jersey Transit Metropark train station, from where you can catch a train to Penn Station.

    If you want somewhat cheaper, there's a Hampton Inn nearby, although you'll have to drive 10 minutes to get to the Metropark train station (parking is about $10 a day at the station).

    Both are nice hotels (the Hampton Inn throws in free breakfast), in a safe suburban area. Parking is plentiful and free, and there are the usual stores and restaurants along nearby US 1.

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    You can try Jersey City, NJ, which is right across the Hudson River from New York City. You can take the PATH train, which is a commuter train system, simular to the LIRR, into and out of the City.

    The link below will be very helpful with your information.

    Good luck

    Native New York

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    NYC, N.Y is made up of 5 parts 1-Brooklyn, 2- Manhattan (Harlem is in Manhattan but is often mentioned separately), 3-Queens 4- Bronx 5- Staten Island. Most are connected yet very very big. Many many trains go with in these boroughs. A ferry goes to Staten Island, then they have a bus system there.

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