Where should I volunteer?

So, I live in Miami, Florida, I'm 16 years old, and i'm in my sophomore summer vacation (meaning when I start school again I will be a Junior in High School).

I need my community-service hours but i just don't know where to volunteer, I don't want to volunteer where most students my age are, for example, nursing homes, summer camps etc, I wanted to volunteer somewhere I could gain experience in the work field of Sports Medicine (what I'm interested in studying).

My second option is volunteering around kids who have cancer (Miami Children's Hospital)? (I'm a Leukemia survivor myself)


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  • 9 years ago
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    You still have an important mission in this world and it's nice to hear you want to volunteer around kids with cancer. These days, it's true and it hurts to see a lot of children are suffering from leukemia. These children need blood transfusion or cord blood transplantation asap in order to be cured. However, the supply of blood remains low and the sufferings of these kids continue.

    If you want to give back, why not volunteer in a blood bank near you and start recruiting more qualified donors? These blood banks need your help and it would be fully appreciated if you are coming up with a good campaign to encourage more people to donate whole blood, plasma or platelets. This is your great way of helping those kids in Miami Children's Hospital apart from embracing them.

    I'll provide a link below and it's a directory of blood banks in Miami. Hopefully, you'll find this link very useful and ask them what types of volunteering work they have for you. Good Luck!

  • Fanny
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    9 years ago

    I'm so sorry your school has not taught you how to do a research project. Because you're looking for information about your options, right?

    First, how much of a google keyword search did you do? I googled "miami fl medical volunteer" and found several sites that give specific information about volunteer positions, including Miami Children's Hospital.

    Second, did you google "miami fl sports medicine"? Once you have a list of EVERYONE in that field in that area, then you start calling to gather information. You are not ready to volunteer yet. You need to find out - which places ALREADY have a program in place for volunteers, does anyone use interns, what is the contact name, phone number, and email address for those people who make decisions about staffing for sports medicine practices, sports medicine classes, sports medicine writers, sports medicine product sales, etc. In other words, don't limit your search to medical offices or hospitals. Look at the companies that supply the products those places use, or the places that teach the staff for sports medicine facilities.

    Third, for those places that don't have a program in place, use the information from the programs you learned about, to make a program proposal. Write out your skills with an offer to work free in exchange for learning. Everyone loves to hear, "You have such a great place here, and I would love to come an give you my time for free to be able to learn from you."

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    i think you should help out kids with Leukemia and give them the motivation to spur on. Spread your sucess stories and even give talks to them !Great to see people like that !

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