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Which small island should I strand myself on to live in total seclusion and sustainability?

I was thinking of the southern pacific. since it is near. I wanna make a beach hut and not have to worry about society. I am sick and tired of being a virgin in a partying society. I am unemployed with asperger’s and live on disability, I am physically and mentally fine, I will just never comply with orders. I want to live in an island to escape the urge to join in on society, go to parties, have sex....I want to be a virgin 4 the rest of my life and preferably not live with any people at all in my vicinity just eating fish i hunt for, coconutz and such. i brush up on survival skills and primitive living myself, i just need to know a good location. i want my soul to feel free, and it sucks living in a society for me.. it doesn't feel natural. I don't want to live on some little island though that gets tons of litter and debris washed up on it either, so it's quite a picky subject. Maybe an island near a reef would be nice. basically i am a spiritual person and i want to meditate and ascend, but i want to do it isolated from everybody and not have a worry in life. I am trying to prepare for energy shifts which are occuring currently and i want to strengthen my connection to the higher self and awayy from the bad spirit-drowning influences of society.....If I am around girls....I will get sexual urges, if I am around people, i will want to socialize.....if i am in nature.....i find myself, become centered and feel peace inside, that's just how it is for me. So what islands does antone suggest for such a spiritually inclined person such as myself? All I need is to know some locations to check out. Everything else is cake. And yes, this is what I really want, I am 2 far ahead in my plans to re-think about being part of society, it has no interest 4 me. And the way I see it, if there is an unoccupied island, noone has the right to claim it as it is mother earth's shelter for all, so law does not concern me, and if I get captured, I will face whatever penalty, I do not care even if it is punishable by death. If you wish to be my friend and join me on my island adventure, you are welcome to visit, just become my fan on yahoo. Company is always welcome. Just bring a pure soul full of appreciation for life. Thanks, Yahoo community!

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  • DR
    Lv 6
    9 years ago
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    I wonder if there are books that discuss roughing it in general, and isolated island living in particular. Search; I bet that books have been written about doing exactly what you have in mind. You will learn about everything that will be required.

    Perhaps a librarian can help you locate a comprehensive catalog of the world's islands. You will have to choose among them; I doubt anyone could just recommend one for you.

    To start preparing for your journey, it would be safer to first pick a secluded area of your home country. You could practice your survival skills there. If you became injured or sick, you could travel a relatively short distance to medical care.

    After that, if you really want to try a beautiful tropical island, pick one with a high enough elevation. Otherwise water from storm surges or rogue waves will ruin your shelter/possessions, leave you without any equipment, and perhaps sweep you out to sea.

    You should bring along solar powered desalinators to convert ocean water into drinking water. And you also should bring or construct giant tanks to store rainwater that you will collect. But it would be prudent to choose an island that has fresh groundwater as well.

    To defend against pirates, you will need at least an assault rifle. A shotgun would be good also. Plan for how to handle the risk of pirates arriving while you are sleeping. They might try to kidnap you for ransom, and kill you if they don't get enough money.

    It would be awesome if you could find an island with an inhabitable cave, but I don't know how likely that is. More likely, you would have to bring a bunch of cement and reinforcing steel to build a shelter capable of withstanding the worst storms.

    Some people travel to and from isolated inhabited islands by hopping ocean freighters. I believe that residents of Pitcairn Island have no other way to travel. As an experiment, you should try traveling from island to island via ocean freighter, before you settle on any island; you would have to arrange tourist visas in advance. I don't know how much stuff the freight company would let you carry onto their ship; you must investigate.

    If you had your own ocean-worthy sailboat, you could carry all the equipment you want to the islands.

    A diet of just fish might not be adequate or satisfying. Farming does not always work (crop failure). You will need to periodically visit civilization to buy food.

    Can you actually afford any of this? I hope you have some savings, in spite of being unemployed and on disability.

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  • Joanne
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    Honestly, I would always say, "Good morning" It's a good way to start the day.. And while I wish I could say I would take someone hot, I'd take my best mate. He's really a good person, and he is really good at fishing and hunting and outdoorsy type stuff that I'm not so great at.. if I'm stranded on a small island, it's all about survival..

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  • 9 years ago

    You know why those south pacific islands are inhabited? Well, pirates don't exist only near Somalia. Pirates use these little islands as shelters and sometimes hide their loot in there. Anyone found closeby are killed without a second thought since they know that these people will not be missed.

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  • 3 years ago


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