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是 a notion of benevolence 嗎?



I walked into an inextricable diffcult position just due to a notion of benevolence.


請指教, 謝謝

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    一念之仁 是霎那間,很短時間,心太軟,太好心,因而做了後來悔之不及的事。

    這個一念,在英文裡要強調 那一霎那 (moment, instant),而不是那個觀念(notion, concept, idea)

    英文不能說 a notion/concept of kindness/benevolence

    feelings of kindness/benevolence 比較通,

    只是直接用 kindness/benevolence 就可以了。

    不過,這裡的仁還是 心太軟 soft-hearted 最貼切。(不是仁義道德)

    Because of my soft-heartedness for a short moment, I stepped into a pitfall and could not get out. (如果現在仍陷在其中: ...and have not been able to get out.)

    I was soft-hearted at the moment, and in no time I found myself caught in an inextricable trap. (inextricable 或 difficult 使用一個就好)

    上頭的 trap/pitfall 陷阱,如果版主要用 position 也沒問題。我是覺得一念之仁就像個陷阱。

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    A concept of benevolence

    I walked into an inextricable dilemma because it was only a concept of benevolence!


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