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在哪裡可以找到好的免費下載 中文輸入軟件?

在哪裡可以找到好的免費下載 中文輸入軟件?

I'm in US and from time to time need to key-in Chinese documents (maybe once in a few weeks). I'm using Win XP/Win 7. Prefer something use less computer system resources (i.e., memory). Prefer something easy to learn and use. It would be great if there are "Knowledge+ friends" willing to guide me thru learning. Definitely don't want virus or the like with the download.

Any suggestion? What are the pros and cons of the software?

Thank you in advance.


for "tradition Chinese"

Update 2:

for "Traditional Chinese"

Update 3:

so far, there are 4 recommendations: MS, Yahoo, NJStar, Google

anybody has more recommendation?

Update 4:

#5 - 行列輸入法 - looks like very steep learning curve (need lots of time to learn/momorize)

Update 5:

NJStar - will consider this "old school"

Google - consider, but afraid of their commitment in 繁体字

Yahoo - pass, afraid they are behind in technology

MS - pass, "vapor-ware" phobic

行列輸入法 - pass, steep learning curve

Update 6:

the winner is ---- google.

Thanks everybody

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    I've used Google Chinese Input for two years and have never turned back to other input methods I had used before, like 南極星,注音,倉頡,行列,無蝦米...

    In fact, the person who recommended Google Chinese Input to me lives in the US. He had also tried many input methods before settling down with Google.

    As long as you have ideas about pinyin 拼音 (the dominant Chinese literal translation since Deng Xiaoping), a bit like 注音符號,Google Chinese Input should be easy to learn.

    It will also build a personal "phrase bank" for you. After you enter a word, there will appear a second word most commonly used by you, so that you can often take advantage of the shortcut.

    You can switch back and forth between Simplified and Traditional Chinese easily. Although you have no use of Simplified Chinese now, it is always there, so when you need it, it is quite handy.

    The cons of the method lies largely in the beginning. You need to tweak around a bit to change the default to Traditional Chinese. Set up a hotkey so that you can invoke the method anytime. (But you do this with all other methods, too.)

    The most confusing part is that sometimes you get a larger typeface (全形;like this) -- it happens when you hit some key combinations like Shift -Space or whatever. The solution is simple - just hit the "Full Moon (O)" button on the input bar -- it will change to "Half Moon" and the problem will be solved instantly.

    Good luck. You can start from here:

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    台灣第一。使用行列輸入法吧。也不用下載。Windows 各個系統都有內建。


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    Hi there,

    Lots oversea Chinese use NJStar Window based Chinese Editing software. It works under Win 7 32 & 64 bits.

    It has both free and paid versions and has been around for eons.

    I have used the free version since Window 95 days. I don’t have any complain about it.

    Go URL: and check it out!

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    Have you tried 「奇摩輸入法」at

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