Are foam panels ok and how long will they last??????? ?

I was just wonderin if getting a saddle with foam panels is ok and if so how long are they gonna last and can u get them restuffed. Thanks for the help. Anything would b greatly appreciated

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  • 9 years ago
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    As a dressage rider, I am not a fan of foam panels. No, they cannot be stuffed to fit a specific horse, all you can do is pad them up. For jumping, they are adequate, but not at all acceptable for a dressage horse.

    I know that somehow sounds judgmental, but a dressage saddle has to be changed as the horse changes his shape from proper riding; at least yearly, and sometimes every 6 months! A jump saddle doesn't the long points at the front of the tree, and the rider doesn't sit in the seat the same way a dressage rider does.

    The foam panels will last a good 20 years IF the panels are cleaned, not over oiled (the oil will break down the foam) and not kept for long periods in extreme heat (like stored in a horse trailer).

    There are some really wonderful hunt seat saddles that are wool flocked (Keiffer, Sommer, Barnsby, Stubben) and they need to visit the saddler every few years to keep them in good balance. If you tend to ride with more weight in one seat bone or the other (and most of us do) it will alter the side to side balance of the saddle.

    Source(s): used to work for a tack store with a master saddler
  • Cassie
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    9 years ago

    I would never get a saddle with foam panels. I think they cause more harm than good in the long run. The horse isn't encouraged to move up into the saddle the same way they would with the air panels or wool flocking. If you do get a saddle with foam panels, the paneling can be replaced with wool flocking, but it would cost you somewhere around $300 at least because the saddler would need to use all new material for the job. Foam is supposed to last a long time, but it is a telltale sign that it is a cheap saddle.

  • 3 years ago

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