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Will Johnny Damon make the Hall of Fame? Solid numbers, but in my opinion, he's not a great player, just?

a good/very good and durable player. The Hall of Fame should be for greatness.;_y...

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    These days it's all about numbers alone. Well, that and pleasing writers. There used to be rule-of-thumb things a guy could do to get in no matter what: hitting 500 HRs, winning 300 games, and so forth. Now those bench marks have become the drawing line. 493 HRs? Sorry. 288 wins? Out. But it used to be about greatness. A guy could be Hall worthy without a .350 BA. Ron Santo is probably the best example. Gill Hodges another. And guys like Bert Blyleven can be kept out for years for ticking the writers off. It's all about the back of the baseball card now. It's become the Hall of Long Time Players.

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    You're right, the Hall of Fame should be for greatness. But unfortunately, Utter Chaos is also right. If a player is consistently good for a long time, he has a good chance of getting in the Hall of Fame.

    Johnny Damon falls right into this category, so I think he has a pretty good chance of getting into the Hall of Fame. He was not a GREAT player by any means, though.

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    Eventually he will he has cooperstown like numbers and memorable moments he Is the first player since babe ruth to win a world series with both red sox and yankees If they don't get him Into the baseball hall of fame theirs something really truly wrong with the game.

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    Generally +2500 hits with a BA around .290 and almost 400 steals with over 200 HR can get you close. Plus personal accolades like World Series wins, MVPs, All Star appearances, etc.

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    You don't have to be GREAT to make it to the Hall of Fame. Just ask guys like Don Sutton. To get in you either have to be great for a short period (Koufax, Dean, Foxx, etc), be good for a long period (Sutton, Niekro, Molitor, etc) or a combination of both (Cobb, Spahn, Aaron, Mays, etc).

    If Damon can make it to 3000 hits he could make it under the "good for a long period" criteria.

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    9 years ago

    He's playing well now, as I predicted before the season started (suck it everyone) so I think he will get to 3000 hits. Thats the magic number, he gets that he'll get in, not 1st ballot but eventually.

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