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Great nutrition foods to eat?

okay so I wanna get a great body looking for a six pack but.a four would do, I started working out today,i need any workout tips on arms & abs that would help me quick, & I need help on a nutrition plan what foods to stay away from. anything would be a help id.apreciate it thankyou.

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  • 9 years ago
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    In my nutrition class we talked about the needs for people body building, etc. They can get all the proper nutrition from foods by sticking to a healthy, well-rounded diet. They don't need any supplements. Our bodies prefer nutrients from food first.

    I would try to get an idea of what your daily needs are. Try going to mypyramid for some guidelines or a dietitian.

    I would stick to lean meat-turkey, skinless chicken, legumes

    Eat smaller, more frequent meals that provide energy.

    Keep your electrolytes in balance and control salt (no extra salty foods, fried stuff)

    try eating as much food that is nutrient dense- fewer discretionay calories or none.

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  • 9 years ago

    Chilean Grapes, the reddish purple ones. Lots.

    Spinach quiche (do not tell them at the gym)

    Gradual weight training regime with inclined sit-ups

    -- do not overdo it, but go to comfy limits for two days

    -- increase to somewhat painful reps or weights on 3rd day

    -- important to rest on 4th day (this is crucial part to bulking up, overworked muscle grows at this point, exercising on rest and bulk day is a no-no that will DELAY your progress, but a light to moderate jog, not on rest days, no strain or weights, is okay on days when gym is closed or on one weekend day -- in place of weight training, also better for diet slips like too much baked potato or pizza)

    Repeat routine starting at slightly higher comfy limit

    Gym helper should know best eqmt and routines for you

    Stay away from pancakes, mashed potatoes

    Occasional buckwheat waffle or lasagne is okay, maybe on that 4th day

    No ice cream, cookies, candies

    Oatmeal with chopped fruits in it

    Some fish once or twice a week, clam chowder too

    Baked potato w/sour cream is only for winter, not more than twice weekly

    All the fresh fruits and veggies you desire, add walnuts in non-summer months

    Turnip, diced chunks, and barley are better soup additions than potatoes or rice

    Green tea or lemongrass tea

    Apple or cherry pie on fourth day is okay if you skip the lasagne. No french fries, what are they? You don't want to look like one...

    ALWAYS drink some water 30 minutes before any exercise routine. Especially important on any strain day, understand?

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