HELP! Really bad rosacea flare-ups on my nose?

I have tried everything. I am 18 years old, and when I went to the dermatologist for the first time a few months ago (of course, my rosacea wasn't acting up that day) and told them that I was 100% positive that I have rosacea, they looked at me and said that only old people have rosacea. Yeah, tell that to my nose. I have been this way for a few years now and I hate it. Maybe it's the makeup I'm using, but I can't stop using the makeup because I can't go into public looking like Rudolph. I use CoverGirl's Aqua Smoothers Compact Foundation. I have tried almost every face wash imaginable. I just ordered Lush's Aqua Marina facial cleanser because it's supposed to calm the skin, but nothing works for me. I always buy products that are for sensitive skin and products that are supposed to "calm redness"...they never do. I use a a toner that is supposed to soothe and calm down the redness but it doesn't.

My derm. prescribed MetroGel the first time I went, and that worked for a few weeks and then stopped. Then she prescriped something else...I can't even remember the name...and the same thing happened. I used to take an antibiotic as well to help with my rosacea but it didn't help at all.

What medications should I talk to my dermatologist about and is there a foundation (preferably not terribly expensive) that is good for people with rosacea? Thanks!


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    Living with rosacea is about educating yourself, learning & understanding your own personal triggers, and adjusting your lifestyle accordingly.

    Sometimes we need to start from the inside out.

    You can try increasing your omega 3 fatty acids by taking supplements such as Evening Primrose Oil, fish oils, etc… and by eating walnuts, hazelnuts, pecans or macadamia nuts (as long as you're not allergic)

    Fennel seeds, Flax seeds and Flax seed Oil supplements also act as anti-inflammatories. (reduce redness)

    Try increasing your intake of vitamin D through supplements (1000 – 4000 IU/day) to aid in healthier skin and maintaining a healthier immune system.

    Some people have had success using Turmeric orally or topically. (reduce redness & acne)

    Increased facial redness can sometimes be a sign of dehydration. Drink more water and avoid all alcohol & caffeine products (coffee, tea, pop, etc..) Alcohol & caffeine will actually dehydrate your skin. Water re-hydrates from the inside out.

    There are products you can buy that are specifically made to help reduce facial redness:

    - There is a face cream called ROSACURE which is an anti-redness cream formulated for rosacea-prone skin types.

    - Guinot has a face cream called RED LOGIC which claims to neutralize the appearance of red blood vessels.

    - LaTherapie Paris has a fortifying skin cream that is supposed to help soften high colour (reduce redness)

    Earth Science has an herbal tonic facial mist that is an oil-free moisturizer which is sprayed (misted) directly onto your face. If you store it in the fridge, it is very refreshing and helps cool and lower the skin temperature of the face immediately. Because it's a mist, it can easily be applied anytime.

    There's certainly ways to keep some facial redness under control and less noticeable. Understand that certain things MAY increase flare-ups and visible symptoms for some people. It's up to you how much effort you want to put into caring for your health and your skin.

    If you're interested, here are a few helpful, (and natural) hints for a better complexion for a lifetime:

    - avoid touching your face throughout the day (aside from irritating your skin, the dirt, oils, & bacteria from your hands can clog the pores)

    - avoid any products with alcohol (internally or externally) Alcohol is generally a trigger for most rosacea people.

    - only use gentle, fragrance-free, oil-free, alcohol-free cleansers on your face

    - avoid all scented soaps and creams

    - have a daily facial cleansing routine (2x daily, morning & night. Do not scrub as this will irritate the skin)

    - try a dairy milk face-soak during a flare-up (as long as you're not allergic) The dairy milk helps to balance the natural PH of the skin

    - try using face lotion containing certified green algae (use lotions, not creams, as lotion is more gentle on the skin and absorbs more easily)

    - try pure tea tree oil on pimples & blemishes, applied with a q-tip directly on each individual spot.

    - avoid extended periods in direct sun (use sunblock with 15 - 30 spf)

    - drink green tea, rose hip tea, and fennel tea (great antioxidants)

    - eat foods high in anti-oxidants; such as blueberries, cranberries, purple grapes, broccoli, etc..

    - avoid spicy foods, greasy foods, & foods with a high refined-sugar content.

    - find out what your own personal food "triggers" are and avoid them so you can avoid flare-ups of redness and acne. (many people find food with histamines aggravate the redness)

    - avoid hot things. Hot showers & hot tubs, hot drinks (the heat will dilate blood vessels causing more redness)

    - try to get at least 7 - 8 hours of sleep each night (aids in the healing processes of the body)

    - try to cut down on stress (stress can magnify a multitude of conditions, including facial redness)

    Check out the sites below for the most current, up-to-date information...

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    The problem with Rosacea of long standing is that it can lead to connective tissue overgrowth particularly in the nose termed as 'Rhinophyma'. As the disease progress, the flush persists longer and longer until it becomes permanent after which papules, pustules and telangiectasia become superimposed on the persistent flush. This is quite irriversible and the medications previously prescribed were the usual meds for such skin problem and also would usually respond to the application of topical metronidazole.

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    Good hygiene, eating healthy and low stress should keep acne away. Try some great OTC products like Niapads, Cetaphil etc. Remember, the most effective treatment is one that is simple to use. For eg. cut a piece of Niapads, moisten it with water and place it on the yet to come to surface acne. Active ingredients penetrate skin and get rid of acne bacteria. Routine use of Niapads helps exfoliate, open clogged skin pores and gets rid of acne in one simple step without drying your skin. Contains Lavender oil – well known moisturizer.

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    My husbands poor nose was so red as well. The Somaluxe Redness Cream so improved it looks nearly normal, Twice a day I have treated his nose to a thin layer of the cream. It is now 1 month, and boy what a difference, the boils have all but disappeared, the red angry skin is looking healthier better colour . From the first day it started to calm the skin, only small pimples appear but are soon gone the Price is high, But needs must.

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