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Skaters: What's on your ipod?

Whats on your ipod?

Also some more questions:

BQ: What's your stance? Goofy or regs?

BQ2: Favourite trick and/or grind that you can do?

BQ3: Favourite skate brand(s)?

BQ4: Favourite skater(s)?

BQ5: Your favourite skate spot(s)?

BQ6: Street or vert?

BQ7: State/province that you skate in?

BQ8: Your preferred skating attire?

BQ9: Favourite shoe brand?

BQ10: How long have you been skating for?


Blink 182, offspring, black sabath, limp bizkit, LIT, Sum 41, etc haha

BQ- Goofy

BQ2- blunt to tre

BQ3-thunder trucks, spitfire wheels, girl deck,enjoi

BQ4- P- Rod is my fav!

BQ5- I dont really have a fave spot

BQ6- im a vert kinda girl but I skate SOME street

BQ7- New York

BQ8- Jean shorts or skinny jeans, volcolm shirt or a tank top or some tight shirts, and flat brim hats

BQ9- etnies

BQ10- 5 years

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    I have Band Of Horses, Peter Bjorn and John, The Beatles, Gorillaz, The strokes, Wavves, Broken Bells, Wolfmother, Blur, Kelley Stoltz, Spoon RatatatBeck, The Balck Keys, Cheap Trick, Coconut Records, Communist Daughter, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, Arcade Fire, Ice Cube, MGMT, Miike Snow, Neon Indian, Starf*cker, Tokyo Police Club, Washed Out, and Whitey (there's more, but this is the stuff I listen to while skating.)

    BQ: Goofy

    BQ2: Tre-flip and Noseslide

    BQ3: Popwar, Blueprint, Stereo, and Cliche

    BQ4: Chad Tim Tim, Anthony Pappalardo, Darrell Stanton, Joey Brezinski, Mark Gonzales and Josiah Gatlyn

    BQ5: I don't have many in my area besides this four-block, but Stoner Skate Plaza is cool and I go to Volcom Skate Park in Costa Mesa

    BQ6: Street

    BQ7: California

    BQ8: Eh, jeans and t-shirt and trucker hat. Brands of clothing: Cliche, Enjoi, Chocolate, etc.

    BQ9: Dekline, Emerica, and Adidas

    BQ10: Over 5 years

    P.S. you're lucky to have the Gonz and Anthony Pappalardo by the way.

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    Faggoty music.

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    i put what ever songs i feel like putting on it. You Should too. :)

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