Can anyone name this musical?

my friend likes this musical and let me listen and i really enjoyed the songs and plot description but i cant remember the name or find the soundtrack!

Im pretty sure its about two homosexual guys who are in love but the one doesn't want to come out officially. it references romeo and juliet a lot and even has the prologue in one of the songs. i thought the title started with a 'b' but i could be wrong.

Thank you to anyone who can help figure this out!

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    The only famous show that i know of that has to do with homosexuality is La Cage aux Folles, but i could be wrong!

    B titles? Hmm.. there's

    The Baker's Wife, musical with music by Stephen Schwartz, aimed at Broadway (1976), but closed during tryouts

    The Balkan Princess 1910

    Ball im Savoy Berlin 1932

    Ballad for Bimshire, Off Broadway musical (1963)

    Ballroom, Broadway musical (1978)

    Bambi, Walt Disney film (1942)

    Band Waggon film 1940

    The Band Wagon, Broadway revue (1931) lyrics: Howard Dietz, music: Arthur Schwartz; featured Fred and Adele Astaire. Also MGM film 1953 Notable songs: "I Love Louisa", "Hoops", "Dancing in the Dark"

    Bandanna Land 1908

    Banjo Eyes, Broadway musical (1941) with music by Vernon Duke, lyrics by John La Touche and Harold Adamson, and a book by Joseph Quinlan and Izzy Ellinson

    Banker's Daughter Off Broadway 1962

    Bar Mitzvah Boy 1978

    Believe, (2002) musical by Brad Howell Houghton.

    The Believers Off Broadway revue 1968

    Bell Bottom George film 1943

    La Belle Hélène Paris opera bouffe (1864) with music by Jacques Offenbach

    La Belle Meuniere film 1948

    The Belle of Brittany 1908

    The Belle of Broadway 1902

    The Belle of New York 1897 and film 1951

    Belle of the Nineties film 1934

    Belle of the Yukon film 1944

    Bells Are Ringing, Broadway musical (1956) music: Jule Styne, book and lyrics: Betty Comden, Adolph Green and film 1960.

    Belmont Varieties revue 1932

    The Beloved Vagabond film 1936

    Below the Belt Off Broadway revue 1966

    Ben Franklin in Paris, Broadway musical (1964)

    Berlin Is Mine 1966

    Berlin to Broadway with Kurt Weill revue 1972

    Bernarda Alba, (2006) musical by Michael John LaChiusa.

    Bernardine film 1957

    Besame Mucho El Musical Mexican Jukebox Musical based on Bolero Songs of the 1920s Mexico 2005

    Best Foot Forward, Broadway musical (1941) by Hugh Martin and Ralph Blane

    The Best Little Whorehouse Goes Public 1994

    The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas (1978) Carol Hall, Dolly Parton

    The Best Things in Life Are Free film 1956

    Betjemania London 1976

    Bette Midler's Clams on the Half Shell revue 1975

    Bette! Divine Madness revue 1979

    The Better 'Ole London 1917

    Better Tunes revue 1922

    Betty London 1915

    Between the Devil 1937

    Beyond The Fringe London revue 1961

    Bible Salesman Off Broadway 1960

    Bible Women, (1995) musical by Elizabeth Swados.

    Big, The Musical 1996

    Big Bad Musical, The Off Broadway (Alec Strum and Bill Francoeur

    The Big Beat[disambiguation needed] film 1958

    Big Boy 1925

    The Big Broadcast film 1932

    The Big Broadcast of 1936 film 1935

    The Big Broadcast of 1937 film 1936

    The Big Broadcast of 1938 film 1938

    Big Fella film 1937

    The Big Gay Musical a 2009 musical film with score and lyrics by Rick Crom

    Big River (1985) Roger Miller.

    Billboard Girl film 1932

    Billie 1928

    Billie film 1965

    Billion Dollar Baby, Broadway musical (1945) with book and lyrics by Betty Comden and Adolph Green, music by Morton Gould

    Billy, West End musical 1974 (book by Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais, music by John Barry, lyrics by Don Black)

    Billy Elliot the Musical, West End musical 2004

    The Billy Barnes Revue 1959

    Billy Noname 1970

    The Bing Boys Are Here, West End musical (1916)

    The Bing Boys On Broadway 1918

    The Bing Girls Are There 1917

    Bingo 2005

    Birds of Paradise (1987, Off Broadway), music by David Evans, lyrics by Winnie Holzman, and book by Evans and Holzman

    Bitter Sweet (1929) Noel Coward

    Bittersuite 1987

    Black and Blue

    Black Bart 2001

    The Black Crook, Broadway musical (1866), various composers and lyricists.

    Black Nativity 1961

    Blackbirds of 1928 (1928), music: Jimmy McHugh, lyrics: Dorothy Fields, featured Bill "Bojangles" Robinson, notable song "Doin' the New Low-Down."

    The Black Rider 1990 musical by Robert Wilson, Tom Waits, and William S. Burroughs

    Das Blaue Vom Himmel film 1932

    Bleach 2005 Japanese anime musical

    Bless The Bride, West End musical (1947) with music by Vivian Ellis

    Bless You All, Broadway revue (1950) with music and lyrics by Harold Rome

    Blitz!, West End musical (1962) with music and lyrics by Lionel Bart

    The Blonde In Black 1903

    Die Blonde Nachtigall film 1930

    Blondel, West End theatre musical (1983) music: Stephen Oliver, lyrics: Tim Rice

    Ein Blonder Traum film 1932

    Blondie Goes Latin film 1941

    Blood Brothers, West End musical (1983) by Willy Russell; notable songs: Marylin Monroe "Tell Me It's Not True."

    Blood Red Roses 1970

    Boy Meets Boy 1975 Off Broadway musical comedy

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    Birdcage? Thats all I can come up with.

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