What are some fun things to do in Stilwell,Oklahoma?

Ok, I'mgoing to Stilwell with my stepdad and I get bored easily there.Any suggestions on what to do? I'm 13.



My stepdad has grandkids,great grandkids, and his kids there. His kids are in there 20s and 30s. I ws origianlly born in Oklahoma, but in Shawnee.

Once again thanks :)

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    If your there for a while then see if you can make some friends and hang with them during the day. Does your stepdad have any kids, nephews, or cousins your age in the area?

    For things to do there's the Adair Co Historical and Geneological Society which is a museum in Stilwell. Then there's the Maryette School Swimming pool which is a local public pool during the summer holidays and on certain week days through out the year I think. There's also the Adair State National park which you could explore and that'd be fun if you went with friends/family or maybe a dog or something if your stepdad has pets and you could bring a snack and some music (iPod, mp3, walkman, whatever you have). Stilwell City Lake has a nice picnic area and a lake of course if it gets to be a really hot summer. If your not from Oklahoma and in Stilwell for a while - like 10 days or longer - then ask your dad if you can maybe go to Muskogee for a day which is the closest large city in the area. Its about a 50 to 60 minute drive and there is a LOT to do there! There are lots of museums including the Five Civilized Tribes Museum, the USS Batfish museum, and the Three Rivers Museum. There are also a few golf courses if you like that sort of thing including the Lin Lar Golf Course, Cobble Stone Creek Golf Course, Muskogee Country Club, and the Eagle Crest Golf Course. There's also the River Country Family Water Park which is a water park and an amusement park. THe V.R. Cross House is also a famous historic landmark and is a heritage house if you're interested. There's also the Grant Foreman House which is another historical landmark. Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame and Museum is also a well know museum located in Muskogee. Honor Heights Park in Muskogee has lots of Festivals in the Summer time, stuff like music festivals and the festival of lights and stuff. The Roxy Theater is a historical movie theater in Muskogee which still plays movies now a days. And there's bound to be some nice shopping ares in a big city.

    If all else fails there's a little donut shop in Stilwell on West Locust street. The easiest thing is to find some people to hang out with and don't be picky about it. It doesn't matter if they're 10 or 17 you won't regret having someone if your there for a while.

    I hope you have fun there and that this info is helped! Talk to your stepdad, hang out with him. Watch some movies, maybe you guys can have a bbq or a block party or something so that you can get to know people. Go to the park with him and just relax and have fun. Bring a good book, your lap top if you have one, an iPod, mp3, or walkman or something to listen to your own music and try to get on the internet if your super, super bored - its a great time passer and I'm sure there's an internet cafe in Stilwell if your stepdad doesn't have internet at his house.

    Again hope this helped and good luck!!

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