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Opposite Attracts Romance?!?!?

Do you guys know any good romantic comedies where the relationiship starts out bickering and realize they love each other? Such as "The Ugly Truth", "27 Dresses","Clueless"?

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    WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS: Cameron Diaz plays Joy, an organized, successful ad agent, and Ashton Kutcher plays Jack a lazy, man-child who can't decide what he really wants to do, they get drunk in Vegas, wind up married, put a coin in a machine and win a million dollars, they want a divorce, but have to stay together because of the money at first, she's a neat freak, he's a slob)


    (Sandra Bullock plays the hippie like, grass roots crusader who basically runs a company while Hugh Grant plays the posh, playboy, irresponsible company CEO who can't tie his shoes without her)

    SOMEONE LIKE YOU:(Ashley Judd plays Jane Goodall the uptight, idealistic, station manager dating Greg Kinnear's character who dumps her, she's without a place so just to make him jealous she moves into the spare room at a loft Hugh Jackman plays Eddie the womanizing, cynical coordinator then she begins a to write this fake theory on animal husbandry)

    LIFE AS WE KNOW IT :(borders on drama at times though)

    (Katherine Heigl plays the organized, caterer Holly, and Josh Duhamel plays the promising but lacks in etiquette, lazy sports caster Messer, after the two go out on a disastrous first date they hate each other, only problem is their mutual best friends leave them their infant in their care SPOILERS after they die in a car crash now Holly and Messer are godparents and have to take care of the infant daughter)

    THE PICK UP ARTIST: Robert Downey Jr, plays Jack Jericho a pick up artist, after a fling with Randi Jensen a fiercely independent museum guide, played by Molly Ringwald she won't give him her phone number, he follows her around and gets involved in her problems the gambling debts of her father played by Dennis Hopper)

    WHEN HARRY MET SALLY: Harry (Billy Crystal) is a normal, boring student right out of college when he meets Sally (Meg Ryan) a free spirited girl who needs a ride, they eventually become best friends but then sex gets in the way)

    THE SURE THING: John Cusack and Daphne Zuniga are on a road trip together because she is the studious, uptight type who needs to get to California, he is the party type, laid back guy who wants to get laid by the "sure thing" (Nicollette Sheridan) in California)

    10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU; Julia Stiles plays Kat, the fiercely independent, moody, opinionated girl who wants to go to college back east, Heath Ledger plays Patrick they guy who is supposed to date her so that her little sister (Larissa Oleinek) can go out with Cameron played by Joseph Gordon Levitt. Kat and Patrick don't get along at all, at first)

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    The Proposal

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    Isn't that all of them?

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